Today's Angel Message - Thy Will Be Done

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Uriel's Message -- Thy Will Be Done

Throughout many eons of time and within many lifetimes the nature of Source has been misrepresented to being greater than humanity so that Source is in control or in charge of what happens within the third dimension. This misuse of the true nature of the Source/human relationship has allowed all of humanity to greatly underestimate its power and the nature and purpose of its journey on earth. So the phrase 'Thy Will Be Done" is also misused and is actually a prayer of reconnection and not an acknowledgement of human frailty.

You do not need permission from Source in any aspect of your lives because each of you is here as a spark of divine light and on a mission of healing and ascension. You participate in your ascension along with that of the earth and the rest of your solar system, galaxy and universe. All is connected and everything around you is experiencing ascension at this time. When you ask that 'they will be done' you are creating space for Source to enter your experience and share a higher energy with you. With this phrase you are, in fact, creating a space for heaven on earth.

"Thy Will' does not mean that God is an extra party to the situation, that you step aside and allow God to function without your participation. It also does not mean that you set aside your power to allow Source to take over. It means that you have chosen to allow your God light to be part of your material life in that instant. You open your heart to allowing the Divine to share the experience with you and instead of you as creator you are choosing to experience this moment with Source as co-creators.

"Be Done" indicates that you are willing to allow your reality to unfold in the perfection of Divine Will. In this beautiful moment you resonate with and can create the highest and best outcome that includes the family of humanity and the earth. You have become a co-creator with Source by setting aside your ego and will, along with all of its limitations of the third dimension and acknowledging and giving voice to your divinity. And in this moment your life purpose of reconnection is fulfilled and you have created heaven on earth.

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