Time to Wake UP!

Hello! "When all is said and done, success without happiness is the worst kind of failure." ~Louis Binstock

Not much I can add to this. This is a POWERFUL statement!  We are here to be happy. Really! WE are Supposed to be happy, to live in joyous gratitude, with ALL our needs met. That version of our life has been co-opted by those who think that maybe all we really want is a job, food, a place to live and other material things. Yes, I want those things too,  however, my wanting does not dictate what I will do to HAVE. I will pay my mortgage, I love having indoor plumbing (my very 1st requirement), heat and a safe place to lay my head. Love it!  However,  I won’t take a full time job to buy a car- I will seek ways to bring in additional income to fix the one I have.

Stop being a slave for the wages. You deserve to be happy and at the very least, while you are WORKING, seek the things that bring you joy and will also provide income. That is our true lives. People are waking up to the lies we have been fed. Enough is enough! Take back your life. Do it NOW!

Thanks for reading!