The tragic death of Trayvon Martin

While I have TRIED to not weigh in on this tragic death there still is a young man dead, he is black and we have seen this story before. Now, this is a spiritual blog and on that note, I will say young Trayvon must be the angel I thought of when I first saw his picture. His death has shed some light on a situation, we in the black community live with-every single day. Want a little more light, then please read on.

My friend Steve Brown had a discussion about this very topic almost 15 years ago. We were in the lunchroom of our job and I had just read the statistics that stated that the young black boys faced the greatest risk of being killed (usually shot) than any other age or race.  I was too depressed for words. After all, my friends all had boys and to think any of them would not see manhood was too much for my brain to calculate.

To bring this up to date, Morehouse College has a Male Initiative online for the causes of death in black males. I was sadden to see that HOMICIDE was the number one reason across THREE age groups from 15-34.

The conversation Steve and I had that day was about KNOWING your child is a target for law officials as well as racist people who will shot first and ask questions later, after your child is already dead.

At that time, my son was not yet 15 years old. Steve’s son was even younger. And through the years, I have seen several of my friends bury their children, young men all, over and over again.

In my heart, I feel the reason so many people are outraged is because this was a senseless crime based on one person’s suspicion of another. No facts, nothing that he could see that was actually done, but just the fact that Zimmerman did not feel this child belonged where he was. That he had no RIGHT to be walking in his neighborhood.

The same thing happened here in Baltimore. Neighborhood watch and the “watcher” went over and beyond, actually beating a young child senseless for the same reason- HE did not think he “belonged” in that neighborhood.

I don’t know who appoints these people as GOD, as watcher of all. What I do know is I am tired. I think many others must feel the same way. Tired of crying, tired of being the only group of people that HAVE to obey the law. Just sick and tired of this bullshit.

This time, people appear to be awake and paying attention. By paying attention and using common sense the outcry was bound to be loud and furious. This time, it is all colors, all religions, and all people with hearts and souls who have seen the ugly and don’t like it-not one bit. Just knowing that FINALLY some other folks get it, that our children have always been a target is a start. Certainly not the end, but a beginning.

Honesty must begin with each of us. YOU be honest with yourself, I will be honest with myself. Now look yourself in the mirror and say to yourself  “that could be my child, or my co-workers child, my pastor’s child or my best friend’s child”. Make it personal, because it is and always has been.

Thanks for reading. Have a most blessed weekend.