The Sky Is Falling! Whoo HOOO!

Hello, Do you have people who tell you that if you are on the "spiritual path" you should never get upset? You should never be angry, depressed or pissed off?  Don't you believe it!

The roof is leaking- Thank you Jesus! My floor needs to be replace and my car is acting up - Joy in the Morning!  The tree just fell and crushed my car! What?  Not a problem, the Lord will take care of it!

Let's get real. Who acts like this? Really? REALLY? Even the most easy going, spiritual, light minded people have their moments. WE all have our moments. It is called being Human! It is the journey we signed up for. Being Human is the reason we get to live these moments and hopefully, thread these moments together to make a positive impact on our world.

Being on the Path is the journey we take to awaken our individual spirituality. Notice I said INDIVIDUAL!  It is personal to, for and through you. No one can dictate your actions nor reactions. Your job is to be AWARE of your actions and (like momma used to say, act accordingly)!

Thanks for Reading!