The Reality Of Prayer Part II

This is the second part of Ms. Ruth Ryden's message for December. Enjoy and thanks for reading! Michelle Newsletter #123 from Ruth and the Masters of Light Fri Nov 30, 2012 5:31 am (PST) . Posted by "Ruth Ryden" Dear Readers, this is our Christmas Gift to you and all humankind! THE REALITY OF PRAYER “As this year comes to a close and a new one begins, at least according to your calendar, the world is in a drastic state of turmoil. We will not serve up to you endless platitudes about love and Light, because you know all that already. Now is the time to look reality in the face and seek to find ways to live with your minds and physical consciousness at their highest peaks of awareness! Humanity is very busy blaming all their failures and wrong-doings on anyone who does not follow their personal religious and political beliefs, from organized countries to elements of societies within countries, continent to continent. “On Earth, Peace and Good Will to All Men” that the Angels announced is largely ignored. Humanity had then, as it does now, the Choice of Peace or War. Ignorance and greed for power and wealth has taken the lead in the hearts and minds of too many who take their well being from the hunger and frustrations of the rest of the world. Now is the time to take back your God-given rights of Choice and Peace. The answer is simple – Prayer. Prayer in its most powerful and correct form. The thought form of Prayer is a Creative Energy. Any thought is creative energy. By learning to use this power correctly, one can “move mountains”, as your Bible states. That supposedly symbolic statement was not symbolic! It was given to make humanity realize that the divine connection between beings of matter and Universal Power is a fact! Every human being has the ability to change their lives and paths through praying correctly for what is needed or desired, whether that desire is for their personal or global good. Let’s look at different concepts of prayer; The “divine” instruction to say a simple prayer over and over, constantly, to help the world find peace again, by focusing the prayer upon written words and beads, is a useless waste of time and intention, no matter how earnestly repeated. This has always been a way to shut out the world to protect one’s self from the agonies and sorrows of life. It is helpful to some extent, but it is not prayer. There must be the realization that in order to create or change something, anything, there must first be a clear idea, concept or vision for that creation! The focus must be in a clear and concise awareness of what is needed and the request made with the fullness of mind, emerging from that sincere need to connect with the Creator of All Things. “Prayers” of praises to God, intoned over and over, in word and in song, are an intent to connect to God by way of someone else’s thoughts and creativity. Think on this: If you are comfortable with who you are and what you think and can accomplish, do you need to have someone sing your praises every time you turn around? The Infinite, Supreme Creator of All Things does not need all of this. The physical beings God has created are meant to grow, think for themselves, learn how to love and be loved, and walk the path they have chosen in order to bring knowledge to their souls. That means they must learn to think creatively, all the time. THIS is what pleases your Father/Mother God, just as the accomplishments of your own children please you. Your Creator should be loved and respected, with the knowledge and acceptance of that Presence in all things. “The Lord’s Prayer”, given by Jesus, was meant to be a simple pattern of prayer for all people, not just something to be said over and over without thought or feeling, because the people of His time simply didn’t know how to pray! It is time that all humanity learns how to pray with power and the inner confidence that Prayer has enough teeth in it to perform miracles if necessary! Infinite possibilities are being created constantly as the days of your lives project themselves into time and space around you, giving you the opportunity to make small or large decisions. Such decisions are set into place by you personally or by the mass consensual consciousness of humanity. Now, on a blank piece of paper, draw a small image. Draw lines out from that image, making as many lines branching off from each other that you feel comfortable with. Think of something you want to do, perhaps are afraid to do, or of circumstances that will require a decision in the near future. On each of the first main path lines, write some possible decisions you may have been thinking of, as many as possible. Think through the response, the effects and/or consequences resulting from each thought or action on the branching lines. It can be a very enlightening experience, even if it takes a little time. After such an exercise, it may become very clear what you really want to do, even if it seems very difficult or almost impossible. That is where praying in the proper manner comes in. 1. Set aside 5 or 10 minutes of very quiet time, letting all other thoughts and concerns take a small time-out, telling your conscious mind to give you that recess. Prepare your body to be still and comfortable. 2. Determine exactly what it is you wish to pray for, in very explicit terms. 3. Acknowledge that the possibility of that need or desire has already been anticipated and is in place. It has already been created for you. 4. Visualize the object, the event, the desire, the healing, the better relationship, whatever you want so badly, very clearly, seeing it as a reality already in place. This is the important part – there should be no negative thought going with this visualization – it must be absolutely believed and accepted. 5. Thank the Creator, in whatever form you worship It, for providing that which you needed, accepting that it will be forthcoming in ways that are not always imagined in humanity’s very limited spiritual sight. 6. You have made the connection, acknowledged that what you have prayed for will be attended to. Go about your life as usual, knowing that changes are going to come about. 7. Also, realize that if what has been prayed for is inappropriate for you or for those you are praying for, it will be modified into a form that will benefit the recipient. In other words, you cannot place a curse on someone when connecting with the Father of All Things! It will be changed into a course of action that will help the recipient. That’s all there is to it. Now, using this formula of prayer, either alone or, hopefully in groups, the wrong actions, the wrong thinking, the mind bending of innocent young people that has been going on can be changed! The power needed to facilitate drastic changes in the thinking of masses of people lies within each one of you, although you don’t want to believe it. When one person reaches out to another, no matter where he or she is situated, an energy link is created. Focusing upon leaders whose greed for power is causing unmentionable mental and physical harm to their people is the way of touching their minds, particularly their subconscious minds, where their normal conscience is self-imprisoned. Pray and see those persons suddenly realizing what terrible things they are doing, changing their minds, and beginning to act in ways that will stay the hands and the armies that are determined to start more wars. That is what one person can do! To those of you who are ill, whether with minor colds, the flu, or serious diseases, we say this to you: Every cell in your bodies is a living entity all on its own. All cells respond to the directions of the subconscious mind that keeps the heart beating, the digestive systems putting out the necessary acids, the muscles contracting and retracting, etc. You do not have to think about these things, the body obeys the mind. The same thing applies to any or every part of the body that has become diseased or injured. It will respond and obey the commands of the mind! Try the following method of prayer on a charley horse, for example: Focus on the muscle that has hardened and hurts; see it as being loose and limp, feeling it as not being painful at all. See yourself walking easily, without stress or pain. Above all, KNOW that this is so! In a matter of minutes, the muscle will relax. When you have accomplished something as simple as this, and you have a mean headache, use the same procedure – see the blood vessels in the head as open and freely allowing the blood to flow normally. When there is a disease, see all of the cells of the body casting off the offending viruses or incompatible foreign cells, returning immediately to bright, healthy patterns. When arthritic crystals build up on the joints, see the joints as being free and clear, moistened by natural secretions, without restrictions of any kind. A broken bone can be brought back to strength and normality by visualizing it as strong and healthy. This is NOT impossible! What must be present, however, is your absolute certainty that the possibility of your mental and physical health is already there, waiting for you to activate that path. Again, there must be no hesitation or doubt,, or the prayer cannot be answered. From another viewpoint, when you pray from the point of being unhappy, in want, in sorrow, in fear, in illness, that is the focus that is being presented as the connection to God is formed. That is the very image that you will continue to create. Think about it. As a person thinks and plans for the future, especially if the thinking is clear and well-formed, this is also a form of correct prayer. It is a way of forming the desired prayer thought form in the mind, preparing it for the much stronger and powerful prayer itself. One can plan and implement future plans, without such prayer, but be aware that when the Infinite Mind has been connected and brought into the equation, there is an expansion of universal help in the person’s space that continually helps place the opportunities and fills the needs when they occur. There is protection against other possibilities, interfering to create unwanted pressures. There is help available at all times when accidents or tragedies occur. Such prayer, constantly attended to, is the lifeline of humanity to its Maker. The hard thing is to decide what you want! You can also ask to be guided to the right decisions. You are both askers and givers of all good things, because you are the Beloved Children of God, Whose blessings are raining down upon you always.” ************ ********* ********* *** If you wish to express your appreciation for these newsletters and can afford to donate a few dollars occasionally, it would be a great help to me to be able to continue this mission of higher communication. Personal check, cash, or money orders work just fine. We have a locked postal box. I realize everyone is in a pinch now; so am I. Please make sure to include your e-mail address so I can thank you personally! This free E-mail Newsletter is being distributed, without charge, through the Yahoo Group system. 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