The Power of A Woman Part II

This is over a week old. I know that Texas is hell bent on passing as many anti minority and women bills as they can. Good thing they have ALEC to write those bills for them. With the education being offered by the state of Texas, many of these state legislatures would never have made it out of high school. Their mentality certainly has NOT! The Power of a Woman Part II Senator Wendy Davis and a whole LOT of pissed of Texas voters stopped a vote to close 37 of the 42 women’s clinics in Texas (week of June 25th). Again, this is a personal topic and decision. Again, there are people in this country who “LOVE the fetus, HATE the Child and the MOM!” Senator Davis took to the floor for an 11 hour filibuster. Of course, the Republicans were not having it and did everything in their power to stop her. But the people of Texas who support a WOMAN’S right to CHOOSE had her back and inspired her to keep on. When the Lt. Governor tried to force the vote, the PEOPLE made so much noise; the vote could not be completed. I am a person who has completely written Texas off. In fact, I would be overjoyed if they succeeded from the nation, taking AL, MS, AL, GA, SC, NC, TN and KY with them. That is my personal issue because ignorance is an aberration when you can discover ANYTHING you want IF you want to. FACTS should not ever be up for debate. YOUR opinion like mine is valid, but get your own platform and stop forcing your OPINION on me! Got the video from the Texas Tribune. I looked for a real time streaming of the events unfolding in the Texas senate, but could not find. However, I did send Senator Davis all the love an energy I could. Let’s be clear – the Republican games and lies DID stop Senator Davis, however, her Democrat colleagues stepped up to the plate to keep the clock ticking. And when the Lt. Gov ignored a question in order to RUSH the vote, the PEOPLE Filibuster the Senate in a way that made it clear they were not having it – NOT tonight! Here is the last few seconds of the “fraudulent vote.” Listen and be INSPIRED to do MORE! Texas Tribune Live Stream - Texas fillabuster by Wendy Davis and citizens! WE are officially in the season of the woman. WOMEN understand love, most men only understand WAR. Women understand co-operation, MEN feel everything has to be dictated by them just BECAUSE they are men. MEN have willing and joyfully fucked up our society and our planet in the name of MONEY. Time is a coming, soon, when they will no longer stop progress, stop US, the people who want a better world from moving FORWARD. Thanks for reading- WHEW, got that out of my system!