The Power of A Woman Part I

A little behind on my posts. Living my life, wrote and forgot to post. Duh! The Power of a Woman – Part I June 25th was a day when the rights of blacks and minorities were vote was greatly imperiled. Imperiled because there are forces of hate that feel that only those who have the “proper” identification have the right to vote in American elections. Never mind the FACT that when a citizen REGISTERS to vote, the local Board of Elections REQUESTS that specific identification be presented. If that identification is not produced, you cannot and WILL NOT have the right to VOTE. These fake voter fraud bills are only, ONLY to suppress the votes of people who will vote Democrat. In Florida, there was no objection to extended voting hours, weekends or even Sundays. In Democratic areas, the Election Boards themselves had to fight for the right of citizens to vote. That is just ONE state. They attempted forcing the ID in PA, but PA fought back. They tried in MI, but again there was pushback. Now, thanks to the Supreme Court of bullshit, the right to vote is once again in jeopardy. But that was Tuesday. Wednesday was an entirely different story. I will say this – Justice Roberts is a cold hearted and cynical bastard. He timed the “votes” so the votes strike down DOMA would be the day after he stripped the voting rights bill of being enforceable. Cold and calculating, exactly what one expects from such a puppet. But on the great news. Ms. Edith Windsor and her attorney challenged the Supreme Court on the legality of DOMA. DOMA stands for Defense of Marriage Act (but of course they are talking about heterosexuals). Because of this bill, many legally married gay couples were and have been penalized because the government could not recognize their status, or their spouses. As a result, this lady in particular had to pay the IRS $300,000, even though her “wife” had left her estate to her. This is not the worst case. Soldiers killed in war have had their spouses evicted from military housing, and of course, you cannot collect on a spouse Social Security if your marriage is not recognized. DOMA legalized discrimination, just like the Jim Crow laws from days gone by. This ONE little lady stood up and made her voice heard. You don’t have to agree with gay marriage. In fact, I am sure that there is no gay person who wants to marry you! LOVE IS! Love is all there is. Do you really think God put our LGBT family here only to be hated on and ridiculed? God loves everyone – EVERYONE. All else is your judgment. Get over yourself. Thanks for reading! Michelle