The Magic of 12-12-12

Another post for today. Seemed so appropriate and since it is DATE Specific, SHARING! Have a most Blessed and Auspicious day! Michelle Here is your Daily Feng Shui Tip by Ellen Whitehurst for Wednesday, December 12 Mayan priests have long foretold that the twelfth of December is the single most important date of the year as we anchor in the transformational shift that promises to bring us to a higher vibration in this current ascension. In fact, the Mayan people of Tikal in Guatemala, one of the world's most sacred sites, say that the pyramids located there represent the 'Sacred Calendar' and that they are a physical representation of humankind's evolution and ascension. These pyramids will align with higher vibes on this specific and special day. This is also an important day to tune into the core of our own beings. Teachers say that spending quiet time accessing the essence of who we are will allow us to work through the illusion of the material world to get to the heart of what is truly real -- love. The following exercise that utilizes your imagination is one effective way to disengage from the lower energies while traveling to a higher dimension. See a full-length mirror standing about ten feet in front of you and facing you. As you look upon yourself, visualize seeing a whole, healed, and smiling you staring back. Now imagine that standing behind or on the other side of the mirror is someone who elicits negative emotions from you. In your mind's eye see someone who has hurt or angered you standing behind the mirror, sending out their negative vibes. Again see yourself inside this imaginary mirror and this time see yourself surrounded by a protective and mystical white light. Claim the energy and the power of this light to live within you and make you completely invincible and totally successful. Now visualize the mirror flipping over and reflecting the person sending out the negative vibes. Know that you are now disengaging from any drama while calling upon love and forgiveness to live within your heart. You will now embrace the ascension unfolding before you while steering clear of chaos and confusion. Visit the Ellen Whitehurst site!

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