Hello! This is the final part of this information. According to the ezine sent out by Ms. Ruth Ryden, she received this information in the late 1990's. She re-released it for our use in the here and now.

Please use your own best judgement for any information received. Personally, the reason I was so upset last year is because I never- EVER got/get sick. So a part of me has always known this to be true- that indeed, we have the gifts we need to self heal- Physician Heal THY Self!

Appreciate your time!


Part V (A year later, there was a follow-up message given, which I also share here.) “As the mind accepts the concept that there is an actual place in the brain that can be activated to send healing powers through the body, the desire to probe into the depths of your own minds becomes very powerful.  There must first be an intense desire to use meditation in a way never before dreamed of, to access that healing ability for oneself and for others.  As has been said, it is not a simple sitting down, meditating and finding that source of healing in an evening.  This meditation must utilize your own conscious mind, even though it is stilled for that period of time you are in the silence, your spiritual self that you are reaching out to access, and the subconscious mind, for it is waiting to receive the signal of the activation of the Healing Enzyme Center so it may program that response to serve your calls to action.  You will know when you have achieved this feat of activation when you suddenly feel a sharp pain starting from the base of the skull and reaching through the head to the front of the forehead (third eye) position between your eyebrows.  It will last but a few seconds, longer in some people if they resist the pain, then it will subside – never to be felt again.  This also signals the subconscious to program this ability into your base memory.  From now on, all you need to do is to visualize an area to be healed as being in perfect health, brimming with vitality.  It is no miracle; it is the coming of age of the human race.  The energy activating the Enzyme is the Energy of Creation.

“ God Bless you all on your quest!” A reminder:  Meditation = dedication ,concentration, determination  and perseverance ************ ********* ********* ******* (There is another teaching on this subject, a continuation, that I will share with you in the August  issue)

Ruth Ryden

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