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The Healing Enzyme Part IV


If the request is denied for any reason, you will feel an almost solid wall come between you and the one you are trying to help heal, and any energy you try to transmit will be turned back.  The spiritual Higher Self of each human being has full and Free Will, always, and many are they who have determined before human birth to exit the world at a certain time or for specific reasons, or to suffer physical pain or disabilities, even if the conscious mind is unaware of that purpose.

Use the knowledge of the Healing Enzyme with yourself first.  Train yourself in its use; see and understand what happens in your own body as you finally achieve the activation.  When you feel you are in full control of this process, then, and only then, should you try to help others in this way.

You have a saying, “A little knowledge can be dangerous”.  It can be dangerous, in this instance, by giving another person a great degree of hope that may become a disappointment if the process is not handled properly.  Unless the mind is vibrating at the highest level of the third dimension or the lower levels of the fourth dimension, the enzyme will not activate in the proper frequency, becoming, not dangerous, but simply ineffective.  This is why it is important to take time to reach the right vibration of the consciousness during meditation to be able to activate the enzyme.  A healer has a great responsibility when sending energy to another, both physically and emotionally, and healing should not be attempted, whether by this modality, or any other, unless the healer is well prepared.

Use this knowledge within the Light of God.  Use it with love for yourself and for others; use it because the time has come for you to do so.”

Ruth Ryden

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