Part IIWe are instructed to give you now the Secret of Healing.  This knowledge will be ignored for a time, for the achievement of using the knowledge properly is not easy.  The seed is here planted and those who persevere will be the first of the new race of humankind to live unfettered by illness or mental problems.  Keep these papers, copy them and share them with others, and either you or someone you know will realize the necessity of opening the consciousness to the re-creation of the body and mind.


There is within you, deeply hidden, the ability to heal your own body from any illness, injury or ailment.  Within  your body is a specific enzyme that carries the perfect pattern for the body.  When it is activated, the enzyme starts broadcasting directions to all cells of the body, directing damaged cells to be replaced, diseased cells to heal, distortions in cells to be re-shaped into perfection.  The bodies you have been given are self-perpetuating organisms which can be directed by the conscious mind, as they have always been directed from the subconscious mind. IF THERE IS THE DESIRE AND NEED TO REMAIN ON THIS WORLD LONGER THAN THE NORMAL LIFE SPAN, AS IT IS KNOWN NOW, YOU HAVE THE INNATE ABILITY TO DO SO.

Immortality seems to be a wonderful goal, and it is possible to attain.  But remember, you must realize that spiritual life is restricted enormously by remaining in the physical plane.  Until you have experienced the soaring, wonderful spiritual love and beingness during deep meditation, you will not understand this.  The spiritual being you really are enters into the physical body only to experience the challenges of density, continuing to rise in knowledge until it is ready to return to the Creator in complete fullness of consciousness; the excess time that the body remains in the third dimension only delays this process.

by: Ruth Ryden

Part III will post on July 12, 2011

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