The Healing Enzyme - Final Thoughts

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The Healing Enzyme-Final Thoughts Presented by Ms. Ruth Ryden

Just as the Great I Am is one with everything that is, your bodies and minds are One, a perfectly connected communications system that speaks to each other for the good of the whole.  The intention of reaching into the brain itself, visualizing what those cells look like, clustered at the top of the brain stem, touching and blessing them with your spiritual “hands” is an absolute necessity, for the higher vibrations of the mind must be focused very keenly and specifically on this area.  It is as if your mind has become a tiny being, swimming among the brain cells, searching out the place where the healing energy lies.  You will know when you have achieved this feat of activation when you suddenly feel a sharp pain starting from the base of the skull and reaching through the head to the front of the forehead, known as the “third eye” position between your eyebrows.  It will last but a few seconds, longer in some people if they resist the pain, then it will subside, never to be felt again.  This also signals the subconscious to program this ability into your base memory and, from now on, when you need to have something in your body revitalized or healed, all you need to do is to visualize those areas as being in perfect health, brimming with vitality.  It is no miracle; it is the coming of age of the human race, as long-hidden abilities open to the awareness of those who seek and reach out for them. The energy which activates the healing center is channeled by the Higher Self, or the high spiritual self of each soul being, from the Mind of God, or Universal Energy, or Love, whatever term you relate to the most strongly.  It is the most powerful energy there is, for it is the energy of creation.  You will be using it to create and re-create your own bodies, and those of others when you are ready.  As time goes on, this channel of energetic response from the universe will enable you to create everything you need in the physical world.  Believe it or not! God Bless you all on your quest.”


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