The Healing Enzyme - A Continuation

Hello, This is a continuation of the information shared last month on self healing. I will be breaking it into two parts for ease of understanding.

Thanks for reading.  The next part will be posted on 8/6/11.

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(As promised, here is the follow-up article to the Healing Enzyme information given last month) presented by Ms. Ruth Ryden

“Most of you are aware that the life force in the body circulates in a continuing pattern, bringing energy to each cell and organ in a cycle of life and death, i.e. as each cell is renewed by the life force, one that has served its purpose dies out, providing the body with a continuing flush of new life.  The time element of the energy cycle varies in all of you, according to the conscious awareness of the power you command.  Those who go through life without the Light of the Love and Peace found within generally let their egos push them this way and that, until not only are their minds uncoordinated, but also their bodies.  The subconscious mind does send signals that direct the correct functioning of the body, but the human mind controls and directs that subconscious computer.

When there is the lack of conscious control (and many people have no idea they have any say in the matter), the subconscious obeys the signals from the conscious mind that relay the preferences and desires of the individual, programming those desires into its computer bank of memories.  This is precisely why habits such as smoking, drinking too much, using drugs, etc., are extremely hard to work against, for they have already been solidly implanted as the desired elements in the subconscious.

The human brain is a remarkable instrument, and we regard it as one of the most powerful elements in your Solar System, for as it comes to terms with the spiritual being behind it, a strong union is formed and the two elements start to work in tandem, strengthening and creating present and new possibilities and realities.  As the mind accepts the concept that there is an actual place in the brain that can be activated to send healing powers through the body, the desire to probe into the depths of your own minds becomes very powerful.  There must first be an intense desire to use meditation in a way never before dreamed of, to access that healing ability for oneself and for others.  As has been said, it is not a simple sitting down, meditating, and finding that source of healing in an evening.  This meditation must utilize your own conscious mind, even though it is stilled for that period of time you are in the silence, your spiritual self that you are reaching out to access, and the subconscious mind, for it is waiting to receive the signal of the activation of the Healing enzyme Center so it may program that response to serve your calls to action.

Presented by Ms. Ruth Ryden!

The Final Part of this wonderful series will be shared on August 6, 2011.

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