The Feminine Divine, Revisited

Jack and the Watchers, along with Jean Rockefeller will be facilitating a global healing meditation on February 28, to welcome, embrace and expand the love and grace of the Feminine Divine. Will you join us? I penned a post on this very subject in May 2014. Just a tad bit ahead of the curve. However, YOU can take the opportunity to usher in this magnificent energy to bless the planet and all who dwell upon her. We know that women and men think differently, have differing priorities and our priorities are mostly heart based as opposed to achievement based. We have been Taught this is bad thing. Don't you believe that for one second! Please read Anchoring the Divine Feminine. Jack the Watcher Do you understand that the reason there is so much pain, poverty and sickness is due to unmitigated greed? While not a male issue exclusively, it is a male trait, one that needs to be abolished for the planet to function in peace and with prosperity for everyone. There has always been enough food, but our water supplies continue to be sucked up by for profit companies, and polluted by for profit companies. Those companies neglect to fix what they have broken, affecting those who have the least amount of wealth and political power. The game has been rigged to the detriment of all who need air to breathe, food to eat and clean water to drink. If you are interested, here is the link to the info. Make your RSVP. It costs you nothing but time, but your gift will help heal our planet. Can I count you in? Jack the Watcher on Facebook