The Divine Feminine Energies are HERE!

Tuesday's election results have one thing in common. WOMEN RAN AND WOMEN WON! While I seldom get into politics, now is the time for me to begin. How can I address any spiritual issue without reflecting, bitching or commenting on today's politically poisonous atmosphere? To be honest, every THING must be addressed, with or without bias. Because if there was ever a time for bias, it is NOW! I posted an article in May 2014 (always ahead of my time, that is my problem), regarding divine feminine energy. This energy was supposed to usher in a new world of hope, love, joy and grace. All the good things a mom can be. Instead, we have chaos (KAOS), mass murder, addictions up the yahoo and all kinds of mischief and mayhem. Then, the stunning results from Tuesday's elections came in. Women of all races, ages, religions and backgrounds took on the establishment and they WON. Resoundingly, the real story was how many women WON. I ask you to think about how men and women are different. How we process, deliberate, think, interact and cooperate differently. We are different from men and will rule with a different approach, a new way of being. These brave women will be the foundation for a new United States. Mark my words. These women have ushered in a new realm, one that focuses on service, joy, family, love, grace, wisdom, intuition and peace. Are you ready for a new world? If you are a women reading my words and have even thought about running for an elected position, do your research. What you find maybe your chance to make a positive difference in your community. Be BRAVE! There are many organizations training people right now to run for office. If you are so inclined, please CONTACT ME and I will point you in the right direction. This IS the time we have prayed, chanted, meditated for. It feels GREAT!