The Daily Word on OneNess

May God Bless and Keep Each and Every ONE of US! Daily WORD! Oneness I surrender to Oneness. I am free. A drop of water will not flow far on its own, but as part of the sea, it can travel the world. I am a drop of water in the ocean of God. I know this truth when I enter the Silence. In that quiet encounter, the walls of my ego dissolve. I no longer feel separate. God breathes me, and I breathe God. I spend time in the Silence every day, inviting a greater awareness of the One Power and One Presence. I observe thought patterns that may have hindered me from experiencing the all-encompassing Presence in me, around me, and as me. I surrender to the sweet, luminous love of the One. I am boundless—Oneness is me and I am Oneness. I experience the Infinite, and I am free. You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.—John 8:32