The Challenge To Grateful Living

The challenge of living is to create the ability to feel gratitude in spite of. Indeed, how do you feel gratitude with the challenge with the loss of life, health, employment, homes or dreams? You will not and cannot unless you look at the much bigger picture. Every death is both an ending and a beginning. For those who “know,” death is only physical. Our spirits, our souls are eternal. When I weep for a loved one who has gone and left me behind, I am weeping for MYSELF. I know that, even in the midst of my pain and grief. The person I feel sorry for is ME. My beloved is well, joyous and beyond this plane, with all the hate and heartache that accompanies being human. For all other endings, what really have you lost? What? Employment? Then use this time to determine what you are supposed to be doing. What were you sent here to accomplish, what goals you set for yourself. Your challenge is to determine your next BEST move. No Challeng for this Kitty! Your home? This is a biggie with me. Because for real, I cannot offer this site, my gifts or talents from the curb, especially if I have to hold my big baby Kitty Noir. Losing a home is painful, but there are options to stop the bank from taking your home. Have you explored every one of them? Contact me, I may have some solutions you have not considered. In many instances YOU must be your own advocate. When all else fails, be grateful you had a home, even in the midst of your sadness. This goes double for negative medical diagnosis. The challenge is so many people will not question their doctors diagnosis. Your doctor works for you! Get that 2nd opinion and keep that doctor on standby. Most dis-ease start within. The more open you are to options in healthcare, the faster you will heal. If healing is not on the horizon, your attitude still makes a huge difference to the outcome and quality of your life, and the lives of those around you. You are equipped to the challenge of living. You know you are! Namaste