The Age Of Aquarius and a Message from Matthew

Greetings My Friend, For so long, there have been rumors abounding regarding the coming "Age of Aquarius." I wrote a post about it in June, 2011 - Oh yeah, I was all over this, in my mind and spirit. Yet, there appeared to be NO CHANGES. Here is my original post from June 19, 2011. And the song that lifted my heart and soul, even as a teenager! Now, the Message from Matthew by Suzy Ward! With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. We are happy to address the questions of many readers about two situations that also are of interest to a multitude of others. Both involve United States citizens, and while it may appear that they have no connection whatsoever, these two highly publicized issues are the same at the core and both are examples of long strides in your society's progress.

First: Will Edward Snowden's release of confidential documents lead to more transparency about his government's activities or just further complicate tenuous international relations? If it could be said that transforming your world requires a primary ingredient, that ingredient would be truth. The energy levels in which Earth is orbiting is paving the way for truths to come forth, but there is no specific means whereby this must occur because there is flexibility in soul contracts. etc.... Please read more online - the link is below

The trial and its outcome are forcibly "bringing to light" that racial bigotry, which long has been a stain and a strain on humankind, has no place in your world today. Education may shift a mental outlook on race, but it is only when hearts are deeply touched that real change is effected in a society—this is why Trayvon and George and their families agreed to their respective roles in this personal tragedy. The same kind of bitter divisiveness caused by racial bigotry also is inherent in religions, ethnic and cultural traditions, societal "caste" designations, governing systems, gender, and economic status. All of these areas of differences that have caused untold suffering for millennia will be coming to an end. Again, please read the message, in it's entirety - THE LINK is Below!

Please finish reading the post on the Messages From Matthew Group on Yahoo! Thanks So much for reading, sharing and believing. WE are SO CLOSE! We need you to share your Light, LOVE and Talents - NOW!