The 11-11 Gateway is Here!

Today is November 11, 2012. 11/11/12 is yet another gateway energy day. Use this day in both reflection and relaxation. Slow down and listen to the message your soul has to share. Say a prayer for America and our entire planet as we move effortlessly into our divine birthright. We are on countdown to December 21, 2012. While I have no idea what the future holds (well, sometimes I do), know that now is the time to get YOUR house in order. We can only be responsible for Ourselves. While we may have responsibility for and to others, we can only BE responsible for ourselves. Our actions, our deeds are where we each are held accountable. The future shines brighter for each and every one of us. SEIZE the DAY! Join the movement of being a better person. Everyday, show someone an act of genuine kindness. Show LOVE as much as possible. Not an easy task for any of us, certainly not for me. But I do my best. I get my own "messages" when I am out of line. Even more amazing, I get real time updates on how well I am doing. So strive to do more and be more. YOU are already DIVINE - Now start living that truth. The world awaits YOUR awakening! Be Blessed and thanks for reading! Much LOVE Michelle