Thanking Osama Bin Laden

Hello, A strange way to start a post huh? However, as I rejoiced with the rest of America and dare I say most of the planet I also said a prayer of thanks.

I thanked God for delivering justice we could actually see.

I thanked the Commander in Chief for his wisdom and decision to use INTELLIGENCE to capture and kill a devoted terrorist.

I thanked the families of our country whose loved ones were lost in terrorist attacks, military responses and the NY police and fire departments. I thank each family for their sacrifice and for all who will continue to put their lives on the line for US.

I thanked Bin Laden for bringing together a fractured, country divided by hatred of a duly ELECTED President. He brought our country together AGAIN, if only for a few minutes.

Thank you for reading. There is more LIGHT in our world with the passing of this soul.

Enjoy and appreciate both this time, and this week. What a way to start a Month!

Much love,