Take Time to Show Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving!
Tis the season to be GRATEFUL! So, let the Gratitude begin! Begin this day in gratitude for all you have accomplished this year. Give THANKS for family, friends and all who helped you and yours make it through. BLESS YOUR FOOD! When you eat today, and really express what YOU are grateful for. Say thank you, please and you are WELCOME for every transaction and phone call this holiday season. As a former customer service rep, genuine kindness is appreciated and makes the rest of the day better. Forgive someone! I am sure there is someone who has pissed you off, dissed you, abused you or taken cold advantage of your kindness. That is a reflection of their lack of character, lack of integrity and lack of grace. Show your grace by forgiving and if necessary, forgetting that person. They are not worth your time! Have some fun! Make sure you schedule at least 2 holiday parties and a bar blitz for the holidays. Tis the season to be jolly - so let your hair down, exhale and enjoy yourself - I mean REALLY ENJOY YOURSELF! Share your resources. If your $$$$$ is tight, volunteer your time. I LOVE to volunteer. I always feel like a super hero when I am done. Plus, you never know who you can meet when you are sharing selflessly from your heart! Live life from a space of LOVE. LOVE ROCKS! Show that you understand, even if no one else around you gets it. YOU are shining bright. Shine ON! Much LOVE and HAPPY THANKSGIVING! WHOOOHOOOOOOOO! Michelle