What are you planting, Weeds or Flowers?

Hello Dear Reader, Every good gardener knows that for a garden to flourish, you first start with good seeds. You carefully select the seeds you wish to see flower and then plant in the garden accordingly. Likewise, your garden must be weeded (and who likes that task), and lovingly tended?

Your thoughts are your flowers and your weeds.  Imagine if you will a quiet haven from the world. This is your personal space. No one gets in without your ok.  This space is peace, it is tranquility and filled with love.  Look at your garden. How does it appear?  Does it look neat and well tended? If it does not, you have some work to do!  Using this garden imagining is a great way to get into meditation, something I myself have always struggled with.  By using this method, I can relax completely and be in that space. My space included an animal companion (Zeus) that I am currently unable to have in my real life.  In my garden, I have raised him from a puppy.  When I am not there he is looked after by my guides and my angels (thank you all!) Sorry to digress.  So, even when I do not visit my garden, upon leaving I instruct myself to come back and do the necessary chores.  These chores include weeding, tending and playing with Zeus(not really a chore).  Seems like it is working fine for the garden and for Zeus.

Catching those errant negative thoughts is easier when you are actively monitoring yourself. Who else knows better than you?  So, keep the weeds out by catching those negative thoughts before they take root.  Some of those thoughts can include doubt, fear and always beating your own self down. Leave that for the Haters- there are plenty of them in the world. No need for you to join them or help them with their task of bringing you down.  Should you find this difficult, remind yourself WHO YOU ARE!  You are a most beloved child of God. BELOVED!  Let no one take that from you. Your version of God may look different from another’s but that too is ok.  Please don’t let the technicalities get in the way of what is TRUE. GOD is GOD for everyone.  We are all beloved!  Now, get to work on that garden!