How Do You Define Being Blessed?

Hello! Is your definition of being "blessed" based on what you receive or what you give? The ladies who immediately went for their phones when I rushed into Breathe Books on Sunday, June 26th were a blessing to me.  However, they were all blessed!

Blessed in the fact that their generous nature responded to my panicked state without regard for their personal property.  Blessed in the fact that their spirit was one of giving and trusting, not of taking and distrust.

This is the real world, the one we are now striving to live in. Believe in the truth that there is PLENTY FOR EVERYONE!

Sharing never diminishes,  but selfishness closes your heart, mind and grasp.  I seek a world where there are no concerns for "property" and certainly not for property over any human life. Where my (and your) inherent intuitive nature can flourish, in safety and  joy.  Living and listening to the intuitive nature allows us to assist others knowing we and they are "safe."

Safe to trust, safe to assist and accept assistance, safe to GROW!

Thanks for reading!



Today’s Daily Word

Monday, May 02, 2011


Through the grace of God, I am led to my highest good.

I am God's beloved child and the kingdom of God is my inheritance. I know this is the truth of who I am and that I am worthy of it--but at times, I may waiver in this certainty. God's grace is what brings me back. Grace allows me to remember the truth. It leads me home.

Whatever choices I have made, grace assures me I am still on the path to my highest good. God's love flows through me to bless and release me. I cannot fall from grace. I am spiritually secure, and my progress is steady and unimpeded. The grace of God shows me the way and reveals to me my next step. Even when I falter, I know I am moving forward. Through the grace of God, I am being led to my highest good.

I commend you to God and to the message of his grace.--Acts 20:32