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Are You A Spiritual Entrepreneur?

Building a business while attempting to adhere to your personal spiritual beliefs is challenging on the best of days. People who claim to be spiritual entrepreneurs many times are anything but. Learning to use discernment, intuition, open hearted acceptance and trust is the key to building and co-creating within a spiritual network. spiritual entrepreneur First, find the people you know you can trust. Those people hold the link to finding more spiritually minded business people. Pay attention to how they treat other people, especially people who do not share their viewpoint. How do they treat their employees? Are they compassionate or only focused on the "bottom line?" Here are some questions to ask yourself regarding being a spiritual entrepreneur. Do you strive to not only give your best, but often give more than what you are being compensated for? Do you have difficulty in determining how much you should charge for your services? Is it hard for you to confront another who claims they are also spiritual entrepreneurs? Can you set boundaries, being flexible as needed but firm when necessary? Write your answers down. What do they tell you about how you view the world and yourself? Are YOU a spiritual entrepreneur? You are the only one who knows. By:Michelle D. Smith HH Logo Header - Design Google