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High Ego or High Self Esteem?

Greetings! The difference between High Ego and High Self Esteem is that High Ego is at someone else’s expense. High Self Esteem is the ability to Soar and take others with you. ~ Debbie Mancini (thanks Debbie!) https://www.facebook.com/DEARMAMADEB I often wonder at the people who can only make themselves feel better if they are judging others. Some folks have elevated this to an art form. While it may be funny, know that person talks about you the exact same way. They have no moral compass so there would be nothing (like shame, humility or integrity) to remind them you are supposed to be their friend. Be aware that EGO, unchecked does in reality Edge GOD OUT! No matter how much they attend church, if their entire life revolves around them, what they did, what they want, what they need (usually from you) that is High EGO. High Self Esteem will allow you to tell this faux friend that you are no longer willing to put up with their bullshit. That what is good for them may not be what is right for you. Pay attention to people who ONLY call you when they want something. Pay ATTENTION if every single time you answer their call the conversation starts with “I was wondering?” or “Do you still have???” Every conversation revolves around their needs, their wants, and their desires. When that person cannot take a few minutes to ask you how you are, let alone LISTEN for your answer, feel free to show your own High Esteem and release that person from your life. They (by now) should have served their purpose. Figure out what it is and LET THAT GO! You have real things to achieve in this lifetime. No need to worry about those who don’t get it, who won’t understand. Many, including your dearest friends will not get it or a new and different you. However, your best friends will allow you the freedom to do and BE YOU! That is the best High Esteem, grounded in faith, love, generosity and grace. Do YOU! Be MORE! By:Michelle D. Smith