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What Is Your Spiritual Niche

Defining and developing your spiritual niche is essential for every spiritual business owner. This was brought home while on an "healing with the angels" calls offered by Christopher Dilt last week in celebration of the spring equinox. Christopher was generous enough to offer a Q&A session, after the lengthy meditation. One of the questions was from a lady with a spiritual business who wanted to know what she was doing wrong. His answer hit home for me. He asked her "who" was her target market. I am sure her response was pretty general (I believe the business was social media but I COULD be wrong). His answer was a stunning response that applied to MY business as well. He said she needed to target her audience, perhaps to other people who also were spiritually based business owners. Not everyone, but specific "ones." Perhaps you have been guilty of this as well. So, from time to time as I find articles relating to honing your spiritual niche, I will be sure to share them. To start this informational flow, I am sharing an article by Justin Anderson. He offers amazing insight into what will be - a world of heart based businesses focused on the greater good for ALL of us, not just some of us. JOIN IN! Share your vision! spiritual niche Spiritual Niche Focusing on the Bigger Picture One of the most challenging things when it comes to any business is staying focused on the bigger picture and avoiding the “it is all about me” attitude. Unfortunately, we all have the tendency to get pulled down with this “what’s in it for me” attitude instead of having an abundance mentality. Keep in mind that nobody is perfect and regardless of how hard you try, you may still feel like this from time to time. Even spiritual based businesses can get pulled into this trap and it is important to know how to overcome it and get back to what is really important: the big picture. You may notice that you have off days when blogging and you may be asking yourself, how do I break free from this mentality? While there is no simple fix or quick, overnight solution there are a few tips and tricks that you can follow that you will bring you back to what’s important. Things to Remember Everybody, businesses and blogs included, have their off days. It is important to let these selfish feelings pass as quickly as possible. Negative attitudes and this selfish way of thinking does far more harm than good and you will end up suffering if you let it get the best of you. Your blog, work, business, and relationships will all suffer from your attitude; not just you. Try to take yourself out of the equation and look at the big picture. When you are having an off day or are really suffering from this abundance mentality, take a moment to read over these tips: 1. Remember that your business is likely your primary source of income and it is okay to be concerned about it. It is a give and take relationship where you offer services in exchange for monetary value and even if you are not charging your customers for advice on your blog, it is okay to want something in return. 2. We are all human and nobody is perfect. You are expecting way too much of yourself if you are trying to be 100% perfect and devoted all the time. We all make mistakes and have selfish intentions or thoughts from time to time and it is perfectly acceptable. 3. Don’t let these off days or attitude deter you from offering your services. If you have a blog and are stuck wondering how exactly you’re benefitting from the mass amounts of work you are pouring in, remember that this attitude will pass if you let it and think of the situation in a more positive light. IE: I am providing something helpful and worthwhile to my clients and they will benefit from my work and dedication. 4. Do your best to remain humble. Remember that the world does not revolve around you; you are a tiny speck in a huge universe. Try going outside at night and looking at the stars. Imagine how far away they are, how many there are in the sky, and how long they shine for. Many of these stars, such as the North Star, have been twinkling since the dawn of mankind. Allow yourself to feel small and realize just how short your time is on this planet. 5. Think of anger and selfish ways of thinking like this: the attitude is the equivalent of holding a hot rock with the intention of throwing it at your enemy. The only person getting hurt during this process is you. About the author: Justin Anderson Justin's day job is as an internet marketer and a search engine optimization specialist. In his spare time he plays with his kids, chokes people out doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and explores the world. Feel free to connect with Justin on Linked IN and follow his posts on VisitMetrix.com. We need more spiritual businesses in this world. What is your spiritual niche? Are you ready to get to work? Google

Are You A Spiritual Entrepreneur?

Building a business while attempting to adhere to your personal spiritual beliefs is challenging on the best of days. People who claim to be spiritual entrepreneurs many times are anything but. Learning to use discernment, intuition, open hearted acceptance and trust is the key to building and co-creating within a spiritual network. spiritual entrepreneur First, find the people you know you can trust. Those people hold the link to finding more spiritually minded business people. Pay attention to how they treat other people, especially people who do not share their viewpoint. How do they treat their employees? Are they compassionate or only focused on the "bottom line?" Here are some questions to ask yourself regarding being a spiritual entrepreneur. Do you strive to not only give your best, but often give more than what you are being compensated for? Do you have difficulty in determining how much you should charge for your services? Is it hard for you to confront another who claims they are also spiritual entrepreneurs? Can you set boundaries, being flexible as needed but firm when necessary? Write your answers down. What do they tell you about how you view the world and yourself? Are YOU a spiritual entrepreneur? You are the only one who knows. By:Michelle D. Smith HH Logo Header - Design Google