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How Do You Define Abuse?

Hello Again! What is YOUR definition of abuse? What conditions have/do you subject yourself to that another would consider abuse? Abuse does not have to be physical- it can also be emotional, mental, spiritual or psychic. Abuse can and is all of these things. Very rarely is it just ONE thing, most likely it is a combination of all of the above. Being able to recognize what it is and how it starts are the beginnings of removing yourself from a toxic situation.

Recognize abuse when you see it, when you hear it and when you FEEL it. Trust your instincts. Being emotionally battered does take a toll on one’s self-esteem. However, that battering started somewhere. I guess, my desire is to root out all abuse, but that is highly unlikely when we are dealing with people. Mostly people with issues, issues about themselves, their lives and what they either expected to be or do. Some examples of abuse are as follows; Emotional: The person who always tells you what is wrong with you. No praise, no acknowledgement of any good that you have achieved. This can also come with resentment just for the way you are able to live your life. Mental: Most of the above with a dose of guilt thrown in for good measure. Spiritual/Psychic: This one is usually only obvious to those who are aware. It can come as a surprise since most people do not know how to suck your spiritual and psychic energy right out of your aura. However, even those who do not KNOW they know- have the ability to drain your energy on a daily basis. Be aware of this and stay away from people whom every time you see them you are tired- for no reason. This is why you should always protect yourself with the “bubble of light”. Your light bubble will block their attempt to access your spiritual energy. Protect yourself!

While we all have issues, all of us do not abuse others. My temper in my younger days was legendary. In fact, my alter ego had HER OWN NAME! So, I could warn my friends that they did not want to deal with Shelley- and that was usually enough to get some peace and quiet.

Nowadays, Shelley does not need to make an appearance that often. In fact not very often at all. However, Shelley was and is a force to be reckoned with and not to be played with under any conditions.

I had to tell my husband not to invoke Shelley’s wrath lest he be the victim of abuse. And since he did not believe me, he found out that life can be a bowl of s&%T. Not exactly what you would expect from a “spiritual blog” right?

So, my point is we all have to start with ourselves, right where we are- RIGHT NOW! Right now, if you are aware of another being abused- speak up. Let that person know you are on their side, notify the authorities and please if children are involved contact social services in your area. While you cannot save someone who does not wish to be saved, knowing you did what you could can and will ease your mind. Pray for these souls as you pray for us all! Thanks for reading. Michelle

Why You Are Worthy Of Love, Devotion and Joy!

You can berate yourself for your “poor” life choices. You can believe your own lies about how ugly, fat, unlovable, unattractive, etc. you are. You can CHOOSE to believe all the bull you tell yourself on a daily basis. You have the “free will” to do these things to yourself.  However, you can CHOOSE to replace that negative self talk with positivity. Try telling yourself something positive every day, for 40 days. Mark the days on your calendar. For every day you only think positive thoughts about yourself, give yourself a check. First thing in the morning, think something loving about yourself. Put the check on your calendar.

For every time you think something negative, CANCEL that thought immediately and replace it with a positive thought. If you find yourself “unattractive” start looking for things you love about yourself. It can be your hair, your eyes, your hands, your feet. It can be your loyalty to your friends, your sense of humor or how good you are at math. This is your world. Look for and find the great things about YOU. Write them down if you must.  There is something beautiful in your being. FIND your beauty and stop being so lazy. Lazy about looking for ways to improve your own self. NO one can do this for you. NO one!

At the end of the day, give yourself another check if you cancelled your negative thoughts and replaced them with something positive. Do this daily.

This will take perseverance. You did not get low self esteem in one day. Nor will it go away in one day. It will take time. However, while you have the time DO something about the way you treat yourself.

While treating others is important, how you treat yourself is of the UTMOST importance. You (and God) are all you have. Period. Nothing and no one else can fill a void YOU have created. You must fill yourself up, first from the inside before you can add the layers of love that are ever present to you, if you would open your eyes to see.

Cause what happens when you have low self esteem is even when you find a partner, you STILL do not believe you are worthy of their love and devotion. YOU sabotage the relationship from the very start. So when it falls apart, you can then say “See, I told you no one would love me.” Love YOURSELF. Love all of yourself, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Start TODAY! This cannot wait another second.  Do it for yourself.  Do it Today!

Thanks for reading. Enjoy this joyous day!