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Weekly Angel Card August 7, 2016

Weekly Angel Card Romance Angels by:Doreen Virtue FLIRT! This angel card says "Get Your Flirt ON"! Have fun and make more eye contact, smile and say Hello. Remember what Tara Banks say - SMIZE - Smile with your Eyes! As you have fun and engage others in a lighthearted manner, you bring out the joy and fun of meeting new people. Flirting is a lighthearted energy, playful and inviting. People Flirt because it works! angel card, romance angel card, flirt The more open and aware you are to opportunities, the more opportunities you will have to meet new people. Everyone is a potential friend. Of course, pay attention to your gut feelings, but relax and enjoy the process. You never know who will be drawn into your world by your smizing face! Thanks for reading this week's angel card. Go ahead! Get Your Flirt ON (to the beat of Missy Elliot's Get Ur Freak On)!

Weekly Angel Card July 2016

Weekly Angel Card Romance Angels Cards by:Doreen Virtue Attraction! My readers must want more Romance in their lives! The angels have heard your request and send this angel card to the rescue! By now, you understand that attracting what you want instead of forcing or straining to attain something is the preferred method to achieve your desires. When you attract something to you, you can be sure your energy matches what (or who) you have attracted - in perfectly divine ways. angel card, romance angels, attraction Stay in the present moment and enjoy all the beauty the Universe sends your way. That cooling breeze, a lovely flower or a gorgeous butterfly are all reminders to appreciate the joy and beauty that surrounds you, every day. When you enjoy yourself, you glow with an inner light that can be seen by those with eyes to see. Strain, on the other hand, reflects an attitude of fear of not having or achieving that which you desire. Fear blocks your blessings ALL THE TIME. Remove fear from your mind and your heart. If you don't know how, feel free to contact me directly or request and angel card reading. Your angels will be happy to show you the way! What I have discovered in my decades of meandering along my own path is this: God knows what you want and why you want it. The WHY is important, which is the reason you should be fearless in your quest for the romance you desire. Listen to your angels. They WANT to help. Pay attention to the whispers and enjoy yourself every day. Thank you for reading this week's angel card!

Weekly Angel Card May 8, 2016

Weekly Angel Card Romance Angel Cards by:Doreen Virtue Love YourSelf FIRST! I utilize a pendulum to determine which deck the angel card of the week will come from. When it insisted it was to be the Romance Angel deck, I resisted. Really resisted. According to astrological forces, this summer is not the time to begin a relationship on a serious tip. In fact, romance is not favored until after September 9, 2016. Not sure which planet comes out of retrograde and begins forward motion, but this is the short version. There is plenty of information online. One of my favorite astrologists is Salvadore Russo of Starseed Astrology. Check out his facebook page or the link provided. I share this information because all systems are connected. All humans are connected, we are all one. Every teaching offers the opportunity to learn in a way that touches your spirit. I share angel cards weekly with the same intent. To enlighten and advise prevailing energies for you this week. angel card, romance angel card, romance angels So, in spite of my resistance, I shuffled the cards as instructed and threw down "Love Yourself FIRST". It is one of the best angel cards I have seen, ever. Within this card is the answer to every question you have ever asked. Love yourself first. This angel card tells you that all the answers are within you, if you are willing to know yourself, trust yourself, honor yourself and love yourself FIRST. It is impossible to love someone else if you don't love YOU. Impossible. This angel card advises that to heal past relationships, no matter how negative, is to find the lesson and release the rest. True, there are negative relationships where there was love, but the negativity attached was too much to endure. There have been relationships with others who did not have the capacity to love YOU, because they did not love themselves. Release the pain, see the lesson and move forward. The angels ask that you understand that love is here for you, but love involves work, dedication and trust. To receive the love you seek, you must start within yourself. Work on you. Spend this summer in anticipation of a wonderful romance ahead. Be ready for that romance by attracting a lover who has the capability TO LOVE YOU. Isn't that worth the work and the wait? Thank you for reading the angel card of the week. I hope it heals your heart and opens your mind to the possibilities that exist all around you. Have a blessed week!