romance angel card

Weekly Angel Card September 25, 2016

Weekly Angel Card Romance Angels by:Doreen Virtue Stay Optimistic! This week's romance angel card is Stay Optimistic. Easy for those angels to say, right? When we are seeking love, searching, but not finding, running into one wall after another, Staying Optimistic feel foolish. At some time, we all should give ourselves a timed pity party, just a few minutes will do. Let go of your anxiety, your pain, your alone-ness. You are never, EVER alone. Your angels are sending a message that in order to reach your goal, you must do so with an open heart and a clear mind. None of your experiences have been wasted or in vain. Your pain provides lessons learned about humanity as well as the sometimes inhumane ways we treat each other. Especially those we claim we love. stay-optimistic-romance-angels Love is not the pancea that will magically change your life. The only person who can magically change your life is YOU. When you tap into the goodness and glory of God, all avenues are open to you. Believe in that, believe in your right to be loved, and continue to hold true to the love that is yours. What you seek, you will have. Have FAITH. You know what is true and what is not. You Know. Hold on, stay true and do the things that will move you toward your beloved. See yourself in a loving relationship. Create a dream board with words and photos of the love you desire. Avoid anxiety and worry. Those feelings block your blessings. Listen for your angels whispers. When they speak, you act. Love is on it's way. Believe it! Thank you for reading this week's angel card. Be amazed, stay open and pay attention!