robert frost

Challenges and Setbacks

I have been geared up and ready for this blog for several months. When I felt all the “pieces” had come together, I set up and published.  Of course, life has a way of making us WALK our Talk. On Wednesday, March 9, 2011, my beloved Godmother (Mama to me, Mrs. Writa Johnson to others) passed away in her 106th year.  We just celebrated her 105th birthday 02/12/11. She was her normal, witty self.  She got loads of flowers, cards and cakes!  I am blessed to have had such a strong, courageous and loving person in my life. She taught me to not just believe what I could see (faith). She taught me that there really are some people you can depend on to be and keep their word.  She also taught me that other people’s PERCEPTION is not my reality.  These teachings started at a very young age and have been remembered most of my life.  This was my first challenge.

My second challenge was my basement flooded yesterday, in the recent heavy rains here in Maryland. I mean 4” of water- in 3 rooms of my basement. Water coming in thru the door and floor. WATER, WATER everywhere!  To say I was not happy would be a major understatement. I was in fact quite pissed!  Today, however, I realized it is not the challenges that are the issue or the problem. It is how they are handled.  So, TODAY, I handled the aftermath of both my challenges with as much grace as I could. Grateful to still have a home.  Thankful to have been blessed with the wisdom of a woman who loved me dearly, every day of my life.  Thank you God, My Angels and my Guides, and my Mama who is now certainly in my Guide category.

Please stop and say a prayer for those who are suffering right now in Japan.  Pray for the Most Benevolent Outcome for Japan and the other areas of the earth that will be affected by the aftershocks as well as any tsunami.   A link page is forthcoming, and will include information on how using Most Benevolent Outcomes can be used in your life.

To end for today, I have a favorite poem to share by Robert Frost. Thanks for your TIME!


Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening Robert Frost

Whose woods these are I think I know. His house is in the village though; He will not see me stopping here To watch his woods fill up with snow.

My little horse must think it queer To stop without a farmhouse near Between the woods and frozen lake The darkest evening of the year.

He gives his harness bells a shake To ask if there is some mistake. The only other sound's the sweep Of easy wind and downy flake.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.