Prayer for Transmutation

Hello, Found this beautiful prayer on Light Circle Ezine. Since this mailing is a collection of articles submitted by individual authors (like myself), you never know what gems you will find.

Hoping you enjoy this prayer and use it often.

Be blessed and thanks for reading!



Dear God,

I accept the many blessings pouring forth from the Universe, filling every cell of my body, mind, and soul with the highest vibration of love, light, healing and nourishment. Please transmute every negative thought or emotion I have ever held. Restore me to peace and balance so that I may experience harmonious living. Attract me to only people, places, situations, and things that are healthy and enhance my life. Assist me in transmuting any and all emotional and physical trauma I have ever endured. Replenish me with Divine nourishment so I may be filled with vibrancy, love, and life force energy.

And so it is. Amen.

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