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New Moon/Eclipse February 2018 and RADIO Interview!

new moon
new moon

Been a while since I posted a New Moon Check. I am writing my own new moon checks, I have not felt like posting reminders. This is a year of assessing. Assessing what is working and what isn't. I hope you do the same with your life, especially utilizing the influence of this new moon. Writing your monthly new moon check is an act of co-creation with God and our abundant Universe. I have been sleeping a lot, without energy to care or engage with anyone or anything. At some point, this blog seems pointless. While I am not at that point yet, I feel the change in my spirit of what I am willing to GIVE. Do you yet understand how universal flow works? Have you figured out every intention will either block or support the things you SAY you want? Many people want lots of things, but are not willing to do the work, any work at all to receive them. These people are not on welfare, many of them are middle class, second or third generation who feel that all life offers should be given to them. The problem with GIVING people things (and that includes freebies online), is very little that is free is appreciated. It is a lesson I learned the hard way. While it has not hardened me, it could, if I allow it. After all, what the fuck do I look like, just giving away my goodies? The flip side of that coin is taking without reciprocity reflects on those taking. However, there are so many takers that it boggles the mind and blackens the heart. Preaching over for now :)
Before you write your New Moon Check, I want to share I will be the radio! Friday, February 16th, 2018 at EXACTLY 2:24pm Catch me on ALL Business Media with host Rob Whetham!  LISTEN Here  We will be in Studio 3
Now, Are you ready to write your new moon check for abundance? You have today and tomorrow to get your check written.This new moon has the added bonus energy (quite a bit of extra energy) that can help boost your hopes and dreams to another level. Take the time to fully integrate and appreciate the gift of this new moon evening! Time to write your February NEW MOON CHECK!

New Moon Check
New Moon Check

Instructions for your New Moon Check For Abundance - February 2018!
Blank check- leave check in your checkbook.
Do NOT fill out the date (but you can register the check to keep track)
Write "Pay to the order of: Your Name"
$ Pay in Full

On the next line write again "PAY in Full!
On Memo Line: Give Thanks!

Signed: The Universal Law of Abundance!

I write my checks in the evening, after sunset. While writing, I hold the intention that this check represents all the abundance that will flow my way in the coming month. After writing, meditating and being grateful for all the blessings coming my way, I place the check in my window to absorb the energy of the new moon. I remove it early in the morning and place in my sacred space. Thank you for reading this months New Moon Check For Abundance. Be Blessed!