I Give Generously and RECEIVE Abundantly!

Hello, Love this message. I Give Generously and RECEIVE Abundantly! THANK YOU GOD! So be it, and SO IT IS! Amen!

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Today's Daily Word!

Saturday, September 24, 2011
I give generously and receive abundantly.

God is the great divine energy present everywhere. As a creation of God, I am immersed in and part of that energy. It is in giving generously and receiving fully that I connect with the God-energy in me. When I act thoughtfully towards another, I receive thoughtfulness in return. As I give love to others, I feel more fully loved. As I circulate my financial resources with joy and gratitude, I find that my life is richly blessed with experiences and sustenance that bring me even greater joy.

I give thanks for friends and loved ones, for joyful activities and for all the good that life offers. I give generously, receive abundantly and my life is truly blessed.

But strive first for the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.--Matthew 6:33

Let's Heal Our Money "Issues"

Hello, Now this is a topic we all can feel. The problem with money (or the perceived lack of) has cause many of us to be sidelined, way laid and taken completely off our paths. Money as a form or fair exchange is now a hostage in a world where people hoard money, not allowing it do to what it should- circulate!

Money you freely give is never lost. It is also never just a tax deduction. Give to the charities that speak to your soul. There are so many charities right now that are stretched to the breaking point.  In the very near future, I will add a charity page. Not just the charities I personally donate to, but also other worthwhile charities that help many people grow.  Helping others to do and be more helps each of us. We ALL benefit when we all have access to clean air, water, food and medical attention.  The first 3 are birth rights. Freely given by a loving God who only wants us to share this sacred space, living in peace and goodwill together!

The hippies had it right, just a little before their time. Many of those hippies have achieved the American Dream and forgot or dismiss the longings of their souls when they were young. And some hippies (like me) have never forgotten, just got of track.

So, the next 3 posts will be about MONEY. Healing our money issues once and for all!

I hope you join us as we release what is considered conventional "wisdom" and take that wonderful, joyous leap of faith into a new reality. One of our own making. One where we all are valued, loved and respected.

See you there!


Today's Daily Word

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I live in an abundant universe.

Jesus began with five loaves of bread and two fishes. He gave thanks, blessed what he had, and fed the large crowd of people who came to hear his message.

Applying the spiritual principle illustrated in this parable, I give thanks for the good I have received and I give thanks in advance for the good I desire. God is the source of my supply, and I live in an abundant universe.

Following Jesus' example, I use God's supply wisely and give generously. I am nourished by the bounty of the earth that sustains me physically and by the spiritual teachings that feed my soul. I use, share and bless all that I have been given, and I give thanks to God.

Taking the five loaves and the two fish, he looked up to heaven, and blessed and broke them, and gave them to the disciples to set before the crowd.--Luke 9:16

Prosperity Surrounds You- Do You See It?

Hello Dear One, 

Many people think I am delusional. Why? Because I refuse to have a poverty mentality.  Do I have financial challenges? Of course I do. Right now, today as a matter of fact. However, my “challenges” are no match for the love and grace in which I live. No idea how, or why. Just know that they are NOT a match for those who have my back.

What I do know is I am doing that which I have been called to do. I do it in joy and out of love.

I get an ideas for a posts from what is going on in my world.  Circumstances, my email messages or mail in my mailbox will reinforce that message.  Fact is,  what many perceive as “poverty” I perceive as freedom.  No job, no small children. Free to live as I choose.

I choose God! I choose Love! I Choose Light!  I choose to believe that all- each and every need I have will be filled, surpassing my expectations.

Thank you God for my new life in a gracious, generous and loving universe! Please read the Daily Word for today. Thanks for reading!


Friday, April 15, 2011  Daily Word


I give thanks that I am now and forever one with Source.

God is the inexhaustible Source of all good. Divine currency circulates in the flow of inspiration, divine ideas, creativity and courage to take action.

If I have a concern about my finances, I pray for light and understanding, for new and fulfilling ideas. True wealth is a state of consciousness. My good is already present, in me and all around me. I need only say "yes" to it!

In the midst of any circumstance, I have the power to receive. I affirm my unity with God and my oneness with all that I need or desire. I give thanks that I am now and forever one with my Source, that I am now and forever in touch with the free-flowing stream of divine ideas.

“And my God will fully satisfy every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”--Philippians 4:19