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Let’s Get Prepared- Are you Ready?

I am separating my spiritual links and my preparedness links pages due to the recent panic regarding radiation and a possible meltdown of the nuclear power plants in Japan. First, PLEASE use the power of prayer (and creating Most Beneficial Outcomes/Benevolent Prayers) for all current and future disasters. Continue this practice daily, sending love and light to those places that need it- OR to the entire planet.  The purpose of this new page is to include websites that can assist YOU and your family in being ready for… whatever may come.  This will ease your mind if nothing else, and should you need the additional items to support your and your family, you will already have them. Second, we will experience changes. They could be major, minor or anywhere in between. Far better to be prepared than to be caught unaware. So I am sharing some specific sites to assist in your preparation, as well as information as I receive.  In addition to growing your light within, by preparing for come what may, we can assist others who either choose not to prepare or believe it will be un-necessary. Just seeing the dismal response to Hurricane Katrina (while there was a different administration at that time), it does show that the government cannot be depended on to provide Immediate assistance.  Assistance could be forthcoming, but until it reaches your part of town, you will need to be your own best advocate.

Thanks, Michelle

Chance favors the prepared mind.” Louis Pasteur (quotes from