Today's Daily WORD!

Today I prayed for my worries to be resolved. I sent a prayer to Silent Unity, not knowing if I could handle the kindness they show to every caller. When they answer the phone "How can I pray with you?" the sense of immediate relief just washes your cares away. If YOU are in need of prayer, they answer the phone 24/7. You may also submit prayers by email and they will email you a response or mail you a letter. It is one of the most amazing things you can do for yourself or others. Please take advantage of the loving and grace they freely share. After I submitted my prayer request, I checked out the Daily Word. As I saw the Word - GRATITUDE, I also clearly heard "It IS DONE" I felt the relief and release of a load being lifted off my shoulders. God is in the load lifting business. Give him yours, TODAY! 075 Gratitude Friday, August 21, 2015 GRATITUDE RELEASES A POWERFUL FLOW OF GOOD IN MY LIFE. My optimism and grateful heart are sources of strength for me. If I have a medical test, I expect the results to show I am in good health. I know a change in plans is a change for the better. And I patiently await answers to prayers—trusting in divine order. I confidently seek new opportunities and try new things. I give thanks for what I desire before I receive it. My attitude of gratitude releases a powerful flow of God’s good in every area of my life. My grateful heart is an open vessel into which God’s blessings flow. Good flows to me and through me. I may receive unexpected income, discover a new hobby, or run into a long-lost friend. Wonderful things occur in my state of gratitude and grace. You shall make your way prosperous, and then you shall be successful. —Joshua 1:8 Thanks for reading.Have a blessed and amazing weekend! Namaste

World Day of Prayer- Unity Daily Word

Hello, What a week! So, we have had the earthquake, Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee. My area has part of the Jones Falls(way) and can handle rains, but heavy rains, 5"-7" in a few hours. Not around here. Roads and bridges are washed out, while I was making sure the water stayed outside and did not come IN.  Oh yeah and my water was turned off from my main water valve a few days ago. To say it has been nuts would be an understatement!

I asked about the water being turned off, and was told it was a kind of "reboot." I know who turned it off, why and the additional assistance this loved one provided for me- just to show me the way!

So, when I say PAY ATTENTION- I MEAN PAY ATTENTION TO EVERYTHING!  Ask the questions you need to have answered- you WILL receive an answer. TRUST that all is in divine order. Last night, while I was fretting about the rain, it occurred to me that I had not asked my angels by name for their assistance. I do know at least 2 of their names. So, I prayed to God for assistance, and asked my angels for their physical intervention if necessary. As soon as I was done, I felt calmer, I relaxed and was able to sleep.

Thank you God for LOVE. Thanks to my angels for their assistance, guidance and gently nudging to bring my own self back to the state of mind needed to grow and thrive in this new spiritual realm.

Thanks for reading! The World Day of Prayer is below.  Enjoy!


Today's Daily Word

Thursday, September 08, 2011
World Day of Prayer
We are channels through which Spirit illumines the world.

Lighthouses are positioned so their light will reach the greatest distance and provide the clearest guidance. Similarly, each of us is positioned to be a brilliant beacon of the One Light, right where we are.

Spirit guides us to share love, to support one another, and to dispel the darkness of fear and separation. We stand confidently and express the light of Spirit, touching the hearts and minds of those around us. Knowing the power of Spirit to heal the world, we let our lights shine through our prayers, words and actions. In every language, in every land, the good news of peace and love and abundance is being shared. We are channels through which Spirit illumines the world.

No one after lighting a lamp puts it under the bushel basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all in the house.--Matthew 5:15

The Lord's Prayer- A Translation from Aramaic

Hello,This was included in the Blooming Humans (2nd Wave) daily readings. The link to that site is included on my spiritual links page. The simple and amazing beauty took my breathe away. Hope you enjoy and share!

Much love, thanks for reading! Michelle

The Lord's Prayer

Oh you, breathing life in all, origin of the gleaming sound, You shine in us and around us, even the darkness glows when we remember.

Help us to draw a holy breath, in which we feel only you and your sound ring in us and purify us.

May your counsel rule our lives and make our intentions clear for the common creation.

May the burning wish of your heart unify heaven and earth through our harmony.

Grant us daily the bread and insight that we need: What is necessary for the call of growing life.

Release the cords of the errors that bind us, as we let go off that which binds us to the faults of others.

Do not let superficial things lead us astray but instead free us from that which holds us back.

From you come the all-effective will, the living strength to act, and the song that beautifies everything and which renews itself form age to age.

True vitality to these testimonies! May they be the ground out of which all my actions grow.

Sealed in trust and faith. Amen