Crying Over Spilled Milk

I try to make the best of even the worst situations. Usually, I have no choice. My current situation is I needed to move my site so I could have a "secure" site for Google (Chrome) and Mozilla (Firefox)

Chrome flashes a nasty warning when my site URL is found, basically stating I am a scammer and your personal information WILL NOT BE SAFE! 

Firefox takes it one step further and does not allow any traffic from their site to advance to my site. So, what's a responsible site owner to do?

I first tried like hell to keep WordPress. It is the Be All to End All of web hosts. All the widgits, the thousands of themes, and ultimate ease of use make it a site builders dream.

But, because my site was ONLY hosted on WordPress, I could not even PAY for a WordPress site without starting over. Let's not forget that pesky SSL certificate that all sites now must have. 

Back to the drawing board. I spend days trying to find a host site. DAYS! 

I finally decided to come back to a site I had used in the past, Squarespace. Now, either I knew so little then, or WP spoiled me rotten. I think it is the latter.

While I love my current site, the limitations are many and glaring. Imagine my distress to learn that a site I began in 2011 lost EVERY SINGLE page comment I ever received. ALL OF THEM!

Imagine, losing all comments and Testimonials for my angel card readings, except the two I had the foresight to pull out and put on the page. Just Imagine!

So, today, I am crying over the loss of my beloved old site, with all the functionality I could ever desire. The best and worse parts - that site was FREE and this is small fortune. 

Sometimes, I just don't know why I try... AND, Welcome to my NEW SITE!

(photo courtesy of Jimbono/drawception.com)