past life relationship

Weekly Angel Card August 30, 2015

Romance Angel Cards by:Doreen Virtue Past Life Relationship I was a bit stunned with my angels determination for me to use the Romance Angel Cards, not just for the angel card of the week, but also for my personal weekly reading. After all, I am knee deep in all things home and "relationships" are not on my mind. Unless you can do home repair, clean carpets or my gutters! However, they were pretty insistent, so, the angel card for this week is Past Life Relationship(s). In many instances, when you meet someone from a past life, you either feel an immediate attraction, or an immediate repulsion. Both indicate you know this person in another time and place. angel card past life relationship So many people focus on romantic relationships, we tend to forget that our lives are made up of many relationships. Romantic is just one. Our children, parents, co-workers, business partners and extended family members are all part of our life on a daily basis. To neglect these groups in favor of only romantic connections is short sighted and limiting. As we move forward on our spiritual journey, we discover that every "new" relationship will bring both blessings and challenges. The blessings are often apparent, while the challenges appear larger than they usually are. When considering what is occurring in any new relationship, pause and reflect "When have I felt like this before?" Given time, your answer will be received, and you can choose to act in the same old way or elect to choose a different path. As always, the choice is up to you! My apologies for the late message. My days need a bit more than 24 hours - I am often requested for time to be expanded so I can fit in all that must be accomplished. I appreciate you reading the angel card of the week! Namaste