new year

Happy New Year 2017

Welcome to 2017! Wow, where do I begin? The 2017 New Year is a 1 year. Use the energy of this year to initiate your best 9 year cycle EVER. You have the power, do you have the fortitude and will to do more? Not just for yourself, you will also be required to do more for others, even others you may not know. So, what will your New Year 2017 look like" You could have a number of new beginnings, what shows up is based on your personal choices. What were your choices in 2016 (a 9 year)? I will share just a few of my blessings this year, not to brag, but to explain the 9 year cycle, with the 9 representing completion and harvest. new year Up until this year, I have bitched and moaned about doing the right thing BECAUSE it IS the right thing to do. I have felt anger, even rage that I am acting with honor, while those around me act like jackasses. In fact, up until this month, I was completely fed up with this shit, and their shitty behavior. Fed up with fake friends who only call when they "need" you for something (aka fucking users). People who don't understand that the intent behind their snide remarks are crystal clear - and they need to stop hiding their hate behind fake ass smiles and pretty words. Oh yeah, my favorite is a friend who I spoke to after receiving a blessing this month asked me "did I have a fucking boyfriend?" As if a "boyfriend" would have assisted in ALL the shit I (and my God team) accomplished this year. I thank God for 2016 and am OH SO Ready for the new year 2017! As you know, I self published My Life As a Mermaid - A Tale To Be Shared this year. On December 16, 2016 my book was selected to be part of the Baltimore County Public Library Local Author collection! All who know me know reading is my life. I was punished so much as teen, that I was one first name basis with our book mobile librarians. They could always tell when I was punished by how many books I checked out. I even had to upgrade to an adult card at 15 because there was a limit on how many books young people could get at one time. My mom punished me by taking away TV privileges. Between football (yuck) and baseball (boring) who cared? I did love our late 70's - early 80's Orioles, but after that, my attention waned dramatically. In my senior year, she finally got it. She told me - "I should have taken away your library card!" Bingo! So, I LOVE public libraries. They offer shelter for many, knowledge for the asking and a means to explore and expand your horizon. All for FREE. If you are not a member of your local library, sign up today! They will need your support in the coming years. My next blessing was a prize I won (yup, actually WON A PRIZE) in a NFL/Pepsi sweepstakes. The prize was an autographed picture of Joe Flacco (not real popular this week, I can tell you), complete with the NFL certificate of authenticity. Bonus Christmas gift for my son! That letter of notification was also dated December 16, 2016. I say all this to state that no matter how unhappy it makes you, PLEASE Do The RIGHT Thing for the RIGHT REASONS! You may not see your blessings immediately but trust and believe that your blessings will show up. This is the law of karma, and it absolutely works! 2016 was a 9 year, a year of harvest, reaping what YOU have sown. What will you sow, starting with the new year of 2017? Be aware that you will receive everything God's has promised you. YOU Will Receive what you have sown. Sow well, my friend! Happy New Year 2017! May your year be Happy, Joyous and Prosperous in 2017! If you are interested, this link sheds more light on what to expect from a 1 year. Check it out! A Number 1 Year!