Redefining our Relationship with Money- Free from UNITY!

Hello, This is a MOST enlightening video regarding, money, how we have been TAUGHT to think, how we are brainwashed to feel (that there is NOT enough), and other falsehoods we have all been taught since childhood.

The video is LONG in time, but short in comparison to continuing believing the lies we have been feed. FREE YOUR MINDS........

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Redefining Our Relationship With Money


Lets Heal Our Money "Issues" Part IV

Hello, Thanks for coming back for the final part of this series. Enjoy the message and thanks for your time!


I AM Speaks:  Choose Your Thoughts Received by Laura Goldman Weinberg ===================================================

Choose Your Thoughts ____________________

You are the creator of your destiny. You have the power of thought. Choose the Highest Good for yourself. Choose happiness. Choose health. Choose prosperity. Choose joy. Choose Me.

Sometimes you may feel that you have no choice in your life, but you do. You have the choice of thought. Choose carefully.

If you feel lonely and unloved, choose the Truth within yourself. I AM Love. Let Me fill your emptiness. If you feel lack, choose Abundance. I AM the Source of All Good. If you feel disease, choose Wholeness. I AM the Healing Force within you. If you feel restless or anxious, choose Me. I AM Peace. And that is the Truth within you. For you are Me. You have the power to change your world. Make your choice. Choose the Highest for yourself.

Live your life in My Name. You have the conscious control to choose your thoughts. Life goes around and around, cycle after cycle, until you find the key to Eternal Happiness. I AM the key. Turn your thoughts to Me.

Laura Goldman Weinberg

Laura Goldman Weinberg is multi-talented and multi-creative. She is a poet, songwriter, artist, writer, lover of dance, and a Laughter Yoga leader. Her art, songs, and writings are universal, recognizing the oneness everywhere. She has won poetry awards, a songwriter contest, published a song with Unity Church, and has shown and sold her art. Laura is continually creating in order to inspire and uplift the world. Through her many works, she expresses the joys of life and prays for the peace and unity of all. Laura Weinberg

Lets Heal Our Money "Issues" Part II

Hello, Welcome back.  This info was sent out in the Light Circle Ezine. Information on how to sign up for that is on my spiritual links page. The first part is very long, but is the foundation for changing how you actually SEE MONEY!  The importance of changing how money is viewed and changing your own heart to acknowledge all your needs will be meet is difficult. Please know that everything you do at this time will be welcomed and accelerated. Also know that your heart will know the difference in you SAYING something and believing in the truth of what you say.

No longer can we fool ourselves. Believe that the world in your friend, that there are beings who are beside you even if you don't BELIEVE in God, God most certainly believes in you. We need you to heal yourself so you can assist in healing others.

Thanks for reading- part 3 will continue on July 24, 2011.

I AM Speaks: Money; Do Not Doubt; Choose Your Thoughts Received by Laura Goldman Weinberg ===================================================


Money is money. It just is. Not good, not bad. It is a medium of exchange. Money comes in different colors and shapes and is used to get what you need and want. Do not attach too much importance to it.

Turn to Me-the One and Only Provider of the Universe-the Organizer and Dispenser of all your good. For good is your birthright. Abundance is your birthright.

You are My Child. Therefore, everything in creation is your true inheritance. Do not speak of inheriting a trait, a quality, a certain amount of property or money, etc. No! These are not your true inheritances. Perfect health is your true inheritance. Abundance overflowing is your true inheritance. Happiness and joy beyond belief is your true inheritance.

I AM your true Parent. I AM the One and the Only One to give you your true inheritance. So turn to Me. Turn within you and find Me. Speak with Me and I will show you the way. Know Me fully and you will inherit riches beyond belief.

Abundance is yours. Whatever good your heart desires is yours. Just ask and you shall receive. For how can I hold back from you. You are My Beloved Child. I overflow in love and abundance for you. I AM unlimited, boundless, forever and ever. And so is your wealth and sustenance. You need not fear. I always provide for you.

Do not limit yourself in your thinking. Do you hear Me? There is no lack. How can there be? I AM everything-flowing through all things. Align yourself with Me and you will be a magnet for your good.

Do not-I repeat-do not be concerned about how your good will come. I work in wondrous ways. I AM the Organizer of the universe. Don't you trust Me to organize your life? Turn to Me. Let go of your worries and concerns. Trust Me-really and truly trust Me-in the fullness of your Being and I will send you riches beyond belief.

But remember to do My Work. Use your wealth for good, for love, for happiness, and for joy. Reach out to others and help them. All are My Children. Help others to flourish and prosper. Remember, only for good. Your abundance will disappear if it is not used in My Name for good. Use with love and compassion.

Turn to Me for guidance and I will tell you what to do and how to use your good for your ultimate fulfillment and for the world's. What flows through you also flows through the world. You are not separate. Your good is everyone's good.

Do the tasks I have assigned to your particular Being with an attitude of joy and thanksgiving. Be free. And bless the world with your abundance. Be happy. Enjoy. Spread love and cheer. This is how to use your good in My Name. Sing My Praises in your actions. Live your life in rejoicing of the goodness all around.

And remember the Source from whence it all came. Remember Me. Turn to Me daily and follow My Words and your abundance will continue to overflow in miraculous ways, until one day you will be living My Oneness and Glory in every moment.

So do not fear. Trust in Me and I will provide you with riches beyond belief. For it is such fun to give you even more than you want. My Love overflows with joy for all of creation. Trust Me and you shall receive.

From "The I AM Speaks" * Copyright © 2011, Laura Goldman Weinberg  *

Laura Goldman Weinberg is multi-talented and multi-creative. She is a poet, songwriter, artist, writer, lover of dance, and a Laughter Yoga leader. Her art, songs, and writings are universal, recognizing the oneness everywhere. She has won poetry awards, a songwriter contest, published a song with Unity Church, and has shown and sold her art. Laura is continually creating in order to inspire and uplift the world. Through her many works, she expresses the joys of life and prays for the peace and unity of all.

Laura Weinberg

Let's Heal Our Money "Issues"

Hello, Now this is a topic we all can feel. The problem with money (or the perceived lack of) has cause many of us to be sidelined, way laid and taken completely off our paths. Money as a form or fair exchange is now a hostage in a world where people hoard money, not allowing it do to what it should- circulate!

Money you freely give is never lost. It is also never just a tax deduction. Give to the charities that speak to your soul. There are so many charities right now that are stretched to the breaking point.  In the very near future, I will add a charity page. Not just the charities I personally donate to, but also other worthwhile charities that help many people grow.  Helping others to do and be more helps each of us. We ALL benefit when we all have access to clean air, water, food and medical attention.  The first 3 are birth rights. Freely given by a loving God who only wants us to share this sacred space, living in peace and goodwill together!

The hippies had it right, just a little before their time. Many of those hippies have achieved the American Dream and forgot or dismiss the longings of their souls when they were young. And some hippies (like me) have never forgotten, just got of track.

So, the next 3 posts will be about MONEY. Healing our money issues once and for all!

I hope you join us as we release what is considered conventional "wisdom" and take that wonderful, joyous leap of faith into a new reality. One of our own making. One where we all are valued, loved and respected.

See you there!


Today's Daily Word

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I live in an abundant universe.

Jesus began with five loaves of bread and two fishes. He gave thanks, blessed what he had, and fed the large crowd of people who came to hear his message.

Applying the spiritual principle illustrated in this parable, I give thanks for the good I have received and I give thanks in advance for the good I desire. God is the source of my supply, and I live in an abundant universe.

Following Jesus' example, I use God's supply wisely and give generously. I am nourished by the bounty of the earth that sustains me physically and by the spiritual teachings that feed my soul. I use, share and bless all that I have been given, and I give thanks to God.

Taking the five loaves and the two fish, he looked up to heaven, and blessed and broke them, and gave them to the disciples to set before the crowd.--Luke 9:16

Success is Determined by Attitude, Aptitude and the Willingness to Fail

Hello! "I'd rather be a failure at something I love than a success at something I hate." ~ George Burns (WORD!!!) (thanks Frannie- the WORD was hers)

So few people realize that working a job you hate does not serve you, your family or the world.  Your children learn to dislike work as a place their parents go to be “unhappy.”  Your body stores that repressed anger in your cells where it can wreck havoc within. Your soul dies a little every day you interact with situations and people that don’t support, acknowledge or feed your spirit.

Success is how YOU define it. You could consider success as having freedom of time. Or freedom to pursue your interests and passions. Money should never be a factor in determining what YOUR success is. And really, having money does not make you happy. YOU make and keep yourself in-joy. Just YOU! Of course you get help from God and your angels, but YOU have to decide that no matter what, you will be happy. You will stay in-joy. YOU will enjoy the gift of your life. NO one else can do this for you.

You deserve better, you deserve MORE!  Today, THINK about what else you can do, what skills YOU have to offer the world. What makes you happy, what could you do for hours on end without complaint? And no, sleep does not count, and neither does Facebook!

The world awaits your revelation. Work on what you want to do. Do what you NEED to in your spare time instead of watching TV or another recreational sport.  Utilize all the time you have to move yourself into a better space for you and yours.

What you find will be another needed peace (not misspelled) of the puzzle. We all have a piece to add- what is yours? And what are you waiting for to not only find it, but to share it with the world?

We need you now!

Thanks for reading.