ReBirthing A New You!

Happy Easter and Blessed Passover.  This was High Holy week in both Christianity and Judaism. My prayer for you is that you have utilized the grace, love, mercy and light that has streamed upon our planet for the last 44 days. All who seek are welcomed and encouraged to seek more.  Now is the time to open your minds and hearts to ideas, people and feelings you may never have had the courage to embrace before. Time is moving so fast- can you feel it? Are you paying attention to the clues, soft messages, intuitive leaps and answered prayers that seem miraculous?

The world we live in is full of wonder, joy and de-light. Are you open to see it? Just the other day, I noticed my flowers coming up. I planted a garden that claimed it would attract butterflies, one of my personal messengers of light.  I love butterflies of all shapes, sizes and colors. As I walked up the steps, I was thinking about IF I would have butterflies in my garden this summer. IMMEDIATELY, a white flutterfly flew around my head, and disappeared.  Yes, I said disappeared! I did not see it coming, nor did I see where it could have gone.

So, pay attention to the messages you are receiving right now. If you don’t like the message, maybe you need to change your internal channel to something that fits what you would LOVE to see and receive.

Have a most Blessed Easter!

Thanks for reading.