living in the now

Living In The Now - A Duel Between Your Heart And Mind

Hello, So many messages I saw in the last week involved living in the now. So much easier to SAY than to do. Your mind constantly whispers to you of how someone did you wrong (and they probably did), how your job does not appreciate you (they don’t, that is not a job’s function) and how your family and friends mis-understand you.

All that may be true. But is it true right now?

Your bills are behind, your significant other is acting out and you fear they may be “thinking” of leaving. Your children are not doing well in school so you worry about getting them into a good college. You still worry about your job and if you will have one next week. All of these are future fears. None of them have happened "yet".

Living in the now requires us to just be. For today, just let things BE. No more forcing things to go the way we wish, no more worry about what is yet to happen.

Your heart is about love. Loving you and loving others. Your mind rationalizes all situations.  The mind looks for logic (thinking), the heart is immersed in feeling (intuition).

So, today, Just BE- Be yourself, Be loving, Be joyful. Just for today.

Thanks for your time!