living a quality life

How Do You Define Quality?

Hello! "Quality is not an act, it is a habit." ~ Aristotle

People would have you believe that quality is a word in flux, when in reality it has very specific parameters. First and foremost, quality is attention to detail and refusal to accept 2nd best. In this instance I am speaking about your "self".   When you aspire to live a “quality” life, you are telling YOURSELF that you will no longer accept 2nd best.  Not 2nd best in job/work atmosphere, not 2nd best in relationships, not 2nd best in your approach to life.

“Quality” does not always translate in how much a product or a service cost. Cost is subjective. The market will charge what the consumer will pay.  For instance, a quality garment has closed seams, stitched down pockets and extra buttons or yarn.  The cost has very little to do with this as I have seen very expensive items that did not even offer a button, but recently purchased some capris (from Marshall’s) for $10 that offered 3 different sized buttons.  That is quality. Be aware of how what YOU offer to the world is received, by insuring that the item remains useable in the future. Love it!

Quality in what I offer is that no matter when someone reads my site, the information is current, accessible and pertinent- this year or next year. So, while you must define your own version of quality, you will know when what you offer is not up to par. That offering can be within a job setting, or family/relationship setting.

Shabby is no longer chic or acceptable. Doing your best in all you do will bring quality experiences into your life.  Cause what you give out, you absolutely WILL receive!

Be Blessed! Michelle