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Jack The Watcher


Jack The Watcher by: Jean Rockefeller You Light is shining brighter than ever before, DO NOT Allow Anyone to Diminish IT, simply because it is blinding THEM. Jack the Watcher My Friends, My Compatriots, My Comrades in Arms, Fellow Members of the Legion Of Light, it has been an honor to serve with you. My task in this lifetime was to assist with Ascension, connect and share energy and information with fellow Watchers through you, release the Sacred Light and be a safety net for those who should be on the front lines but would only trust in the Animae to guide them. Although my work connected to Ascension is complete, I will continue to provide support to Gaia when asked to do so. I have been released from my day to day duties as a Watcher and I am now somewhat free to further experience my life as a horse. Jean and I are thrilled as we are now embarking on a new chapter in our lives. For the last 6 years I, and many Watchers have devoted our Hearts, Souls, and Energy to the Ascension of Gaia. Ascension is nothing more than turning the corner, exiting the Dark Ages and lifting towards the next Golden Age. Now, after years and lifetimes of devotion, some Watchers are being released from our duties. Some Watchers have been released from active duty in totality. I, and many Watchers will continue to serve the Greater Good when called upon however, the Water Watchers, The Wild Watchers, the Vegetable and Mineral Kingdoms will continue to be active. After all, the job is far from complete. The Legion of Light- those Lightworkers on the front lines, are becoming more illuminated and this will begin to wear on those who are lagging behind and have dug in their heels, refusing to easily follow along. Many followers will choose to stay in their own 3-D space as they feel it is safe and familiar. The new and higher vibrations and frequencies will be welcomed by some but feared by many. This will become more apparent in the upcoming days. Mercury is now retrograde which will bring to the surface long simmering feelings, situations, events and circumstances that need attention, healing or release (these situations may have surfaced for some in May). I am referring not only to your personal lives but Globally as well. If you have been ignoring a situation that needs attention, it will become apparent within the next few weeks. You, as well as Humanity, must now learn from your mistakes and fix what is broken in order for All to continue to Ascend. A resolution is now ordered and placation will no longer be acceptable. Rest peaceably because if you follow your Heart, a true and resolute solution will come. Be patient with those around you as they may begin to react from a place of fear as your power begins to reintegrate into your being. As your power begins to reassert itself , some around you will feel threatened and recoil. You must await for them to decide how they are to proceed. They will either release their fears and come along or you will need to release them from your life. They have been given ample time to prepare and they must now choose their path. This Mercury in Retrograde is a cleansing which will create room for new energies that will be ushered in during the Summer Solstice. These incoming energies may, very well fortify a new chapter in your life. As Gaia regains Her Power, so does Everything. A reconnection to Earth Mother is finally being rekindled but this is slow process. Friends, we are merely 2 years into a 13000/26,000 year cycle however, it can only improve from here. Like the Grasshopper, energetically we are making headway in leaps and bounds intermingled with seeming periods of inactivity, lethargy and stagnation. These times of perceived inactivity are in fact, fertile times when the physical body is catching up to the energy body. Energy introduced must be cemented within the physical body which is far more dense and needs much more time to integrate incoming Light energy. Please take the time to read this post in it's entirety. Click HERE for the rest of the message from Jack The Watcher!

Weekly Light Blast June 7, 2014

Jayme shares some important and timely information in the Weekly Light Blast for June 7, 2014! Weekly Light Blast by Jayme Price 06/07/2014 Servitude Dear Lightworker, you incarnated at this exciting time because you have not only been here before and amassed great experience of the positives and negatives of life on Earth, but you have the capability to change the vibrational patterning of it. This was not always so. At times, long times in Earth years, there was a densification of the energy that made it difficult to change easily. This is a time of easier change as the electromagnetic patterns of humanity are ripe for change and many of you are already changing rapidly. All Life is seeking balance or homeostasis. Life is expansion, continual movement; it progresses through natural and beneficial stages of development. As a Lightworker, you have experienced a variety of give/take energy out-of-balance and you now reside in a time of awakening that offers you great potential to bring this into a new, expanded balance. You do this by observing your inner experience, balancing it from polarity and expanding yourself through interaction with life on earth. You are a Wayshower, one that ignites change on Earth rather than allowing the unspoken or unseen to remain hidden. A deep pattern of Servitude does not empower all involved, and yet service in the context of sharing and mutual benefit is wisdom in form. It takes many forms. To continue reading the weekly light blast, please click here. Thanks for reading and serving!

Remind Me Again - Spiritual Challenges

I just had this conversation with a friend of mine last week. This week I found an article on In that so nailed my spiritual challenges for the year, I laughed out loud. The title of this article is "Remind Me Again, Why did I Incarnate to this Shithole?" And my question is "I am sorry, WHY did I sign up for this bullshit YET AGAIN? WHY?" While I don't want to sound like I am whining OR judging, if you have never been in this space, you may be a little more evolved then I am. So SHARE your knowledge! What are you waiting for? We all have our challenges, spiritual, financial, health, relationships all the day long. While I understand that HOW you deal with the challenges presented you, from a spiritual tip, it gets TIRED and is damn sure trying. Here's to US - the spiritually challenged and STILL being the Light Warriors we are! ROCK ON! Remind Me Again, Why did I Incarnate to this Sh*thole? by Gregg Prescott, M.S. Did you ever wonder why you decided to incarnate to these lower vibrations of the third density? When we were back on the other side with Source, life seemed so easy. We had the answers to all universal questions and lived in the complete vibration of love. There was no dissension, hatred, ego, or financial concerns, just love. After many years of being in this vibration, you forgot what it was like to live in a 3rd dimensional vibration, yet you were fortunate enough to have been here in at least one other previous incarnation and you remembered how your spiritual progression was raised exponentially by being in a world full of duality. spiritual challenges You swore to yourself that this time, you would not allow the lower third dimensional vibrations to bring you down. You planned on bringing back the vibration of love with you to this planet, but your memories of being with Source were once again wiped from your immediate memories as the 3rd dimensional brainwashing began, yet again. From birth, you were indoctrinated into a system that promotes subservience, control and conformity. You always felt cognitive dissonance over this but weren’t sure why. It seemed like everybody else was conforming to this system and this is the way it is supposed to be. You attended school and sometimes caught yourself daydreaming as if your higher self was telling you, “A formal education is not what is important in life.” As a child, you were taught how to play sports and learned aggressive, self-serving behaviors that only reinforced the divide and conquer mentality that is forced upon us by our societal expectations. You were pacified with mundane television programs that not only took you further away from who truly are, but helped to influence what you thought, wore, ate, drank, etc.. As you grew older, you started to discover how corrupt this system has become on Earth, not only in your home country, but all over this planet. You begin to seek answers to questions that are not taught in school, such as “What is the origin of human existence?” and “Why are there so many opposing religions when there is only one Source?” You become trapped in a system that relies on monetary success in order to survive, making you an economic slave to the few that control the many. Unknowingly, you become part of that system. So, why did I decide to incarnate to this shithole? Every one of these situations gave you a chance to learn and grow spiritually. For a while, you simply forgot how these challenges would benefit you. You knew that at some point in this incarnation, you would awaken to find your true self along with your purpose for being here. It seemed so easy when you were on the other side with Source. You wanted to make millions of soul contracts because they all seemed so easy to achieve while you are in the presence of Source. Instead, you listened to Source and ended up making thousands of soul contracts, which all seemed achievable in this lifetime. Some of these soul contracts involved people who you would only meet for a brief minute, but somehow, they changed your life, or you changed theirs. They helped to lead you back to your path of enlightenment, or vice-versa. While you may never personally know these people, you were best friends with them when you were back with Source. Did you ever see someone for the first time and just know that you’ve known this person from somewhere? Chances are, you did know this person when you were back with Source. You also wanted to come back to be part of the Great Awakening. We are at a point in time where our planet is completing a 26,000 year cycle called the precession of the equinoxes. We are also at the end of a greater cycle in which our solar system has completed it revolution around its own sun in Sirius. You said to yourself, “There is no way I’m gonna miss out on this!” Besides, you forgot what it was like to experience duality and polarity. In the end, this shithole has been an amazing experienced filled with an abundance of opportunities for spiritual growth. If you decide to come back here in another incarnation, look for this article! Remember this: YOU are the light at the end of the tunnel! About the Author: Gregg Prescott, M.S. is the founder and editor of In5D and BodyMindSoulSpirit. He hosts a weekly spiritual show on In5D Radio and promotes spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric conferences in the United States through In5dEvents. Gregg is currently working in collaboration with Michelle Walling, CHLC, in opening a holistic walk-in clinic called Alternative Holistic April 21st marked the one year anniversary of the death of one of my BEST friends, Nard. It has been a spiritually challenging year for all of us. Still miss you so much.

Message From Matthew - Religion

This message from Matthew's mom Suzy is one of the best I have read - ever. Matthew addresses many "things" about organized religion that have puzzled and angered me over the years. Some items discussed are just things that I "thought" but could never verify. In my heart, I feel this message address those of us who have been seeking for the WHY's of religion. Why a vengeful God? Why am I going to hell because I am not saved in YOUR CHURCH? WHY am I a heathen or worse because I don't go to church? How can any God who claims to love all judge ME because of the things I feel are true or not? SO MANY QUESTIONS AND NOT ENOUGH REAL ANSWERS! If you have been seeking answers, PLEASE READ THIS POST in it's entirety. It is long, but so worth the time. Take the time, read it when you HAVE THE TIME. I urge you to read this and share with those who feel as you do. Thanks Namaste January 5, 2013 - New Message from Matthew Mon Jan 6, 2014 11:00 pm (PST) . Posted by: indexangel4suzy With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. With the December solstice came another powerful influx of light, as if to salute the year nearing its end and greet the new with a rousing cheer. And, if indeed a salute, how well deserved it is! Every time you acted upon a soul-level inspiration—something you considered only a nice gesture or “the right thing to do”—you added light to your world. You may wish to review the message wherein we mentioned some of the many ways your society has been generating light in abundance. Feeling grateful for the myriad contributions to the betterment of your world sends forth its own light in grand amount. [The referenced message is August 15, 2013.] Yes, a great deal still is to be done and shall be. The energy momentum keeps strengthening the forcefulness of all thoughts and feelings, so we repeat our guidance to not think of needful conditions with a heavy heart; instead, envision Earth within golden-white light so this image and your desire for benevolent changes go out into the universe and return with additional light. Although some closed minds and hearts are trying to keep the status quo, changes toward peace, cooperation and sufficiency for all are solidly underway, and the more light energy they receive, the sooner they will be manifested. Please continue being discerning about all information, including articles and channeled material on the Internet. Mainstream media still are controlled to a large extent, with emphasis on the negative and scandals; but it is heartening that more and more, stories of kindness, sharing of resources and successful endeavors from grass roots upward also are being featured. To complete this important reading, please visit the Yahoo group - Messages From Matthew!

Winter In America

“Now is the winter of our discontent” ~William Shakespeare “Discontent is the first necessity of progress.” ~Thomas A. Edison 2014 has started with a bang and a kick in the ass. We must at some point address what is a changing global climate. Argue about semantics if you wish, but there is something WRONG with our weather. Perhaps Mother Nature is tired of being disrespected, neglected, used and abused. What was meant for all of us has been harnessed, corralled, and relegated for the use and enrichment of just a few. In the meantime, it is cold as hell in Baltimore. Trust and believe I hate winter and bitter cold. Well, I am a woman, not a polar bear! I pray for mercy on all of us. Even for the most hateful among us. For the hateful have brought down the wrath of Mother Nature and yes, we all get to PAY! In the midst of all this cold, there is still energy being cleared in major ways on personal, professional and global levels. We all feel the deep freeze, and many dealt with the storms, and tornadoes earlier this year. There is more to come so prepare we must do. Make sure you have the emergency kit in the car (blankets, flashlight, food, emergency lights). Water is difficult since it will be freeze at 32 degrees. Stock your pantries make sure you have batteries and wood for a fireplace if you have one. Winter has just started and we have to get all the way till the end of February to see DAYLIGHT! Happy New Year! Look out for not just your family, but your neighbors as well. We are responsible for each other. It is the way of the Universe, as taught by Jesus and many other enlightened souls throughout time. ALL of them can not BE WRONG! Namaste Winter in America Gil Scott-Heron

A Message From Matthew

Thank you Suzy for this lovely message from Matthew. For all who want to read the message in it's entirety, please follow the LINK! Thanks for reading and sharing! Namaste December Message from Matthew By Suzy With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. As you celebrate this season of traditional music, merriment and festivities with families and friends, you are remembering those who are grieving or whose circumstances are dire. You would rejoice with us if you could see the abundance of light radiating from you and the beneficiaries of your caring and sharing—it is a spectacle to behold! How glorious it is that brilliance emanated as well from the uniquely jubilant and colorful memorial ceremony honoring one of your brightest souls. The international tribute to Nelson Mandela was equaled only by his welcome in Nirvana, where joyful throngs gathered to celebrate his life. Mandela exemplified that the way to peaceful reconciliation is through forgiveness, honesty, humility, compassion and respect. He didn’t need to consciously know that the energy in those expressions of love is the most powerful force in the cosmos and that every life is interconnected within that energy. He lived from his heart, the seat of the soul, where those universal truths are known, and that is how he succeeded in uniting his country’s peoples and in his other diplomatic and political endeavors. To Continue Reading this Message, please CLICK HERE!

Grown Up or Not?

"It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are." E.E. Cummings I once asked my neighborhood “mom’” when I would “grow up.” She just shook her head, smiled and said “Baby, some of us never grow up.” I was 25 at the time, and thought I was grown but I have never been that stuck in the mud, dull, boring “old” person. Not then and sure as hell not know. It is just not in my nature to allow myself, my mind, body or spirit to become stale and stagnant. What I did not know then is being “grown up” is a society norm that demands that each and every one of us act the same way. That we all get jobs that we all “acquire” certain material things to be considered grown. Well I got the house and the car and yet, “grown up” is still not my definition of me. Perhaps it is because I still do not fit society’s standards for what an adult is. I refuse to cooperate with the powers that be who want to define me by what I have, who I love or what I do for a “living.” I am a free spirited, spiritual being, living a joyful (mostly) blessed life. Being able to appreciate this as my truth – this is my definition of growing up to become who I really am. I consider myself a lightworker and warrior for truth, in all its messy forms and fashions. I am holding on to me, the real me in defiance of what society dictates. And loving it! Namaste By:Michelle D. Smith