let your life shine

What Are You Waiting On To Let YOUR Light Shine?

Part One Many people feel it is not their place to speak their own, personal message on faith and spirituality.  For others, it is the reconciling of their religious beliefs with their spirituality and the ability to separate the two. Now, this is not a discourse on religion and how it impacts our daily life. Suffice it to say that religion, like spirituality should be personal.  While it is appropriate to share your religious views, it is never appropriate to bludgeon or force others to share your beliefs. Not ever, not for any reason.  That is not, nor will it be my intent. My intent is to share the knowledge that I have, personal knowledge gained over years of living my life on my terms.

So, speaking my piece here goes!

Spirituality is what I felt as a child, playing outdoors in my personal little paradise, the island of Bermuda.  To see beautiful flowers (not to mention my Aunt Merle’s flower garden), soft, green grass, the sound and smell of the waves crashing on the beach is just this side of what I imagine heaven to be.  I was grateful for that time, even while there as a child. We have lost the respect for Gaia (mother Earth) that we used to share.  Clean water, clean beaches, clean AIR especially.  Add the collective mindset that children were safe and sacred beings . These are beliefs we have lost as a society, in all corners of the planet.

We have lost much grace in letting our kids dictate how they are to be raised, what they can wear, what they WANT!  Only children demand that their wants are met, regardless of the consequences.

So, now we are the kids. We want more, but are unwilling to accept the consequences of those actions.  We as a society, especially here in America no longer appear to value either children or seniors. This alone says our light, the glorious shining light we all had as children is dimming.

We have an unprecedented opportunity now to not only increase our personal “light” but that of an entire planet.  Just imagine, a planet and people working together for the highest and best good for all, not just a select few.

Many are now waking up to the fact that we ARE responsible for ourselves, but also for each other. No other requirement exists in Christianity or Spirituality than caring for our neighbor as we care for ourselves. Neither Christianity nor Spirituality exists in a vacuum.  All must be shared in service to others to be realized.

So, NOW is the time to let your light shine because YOU are important We need your light! We need your joyous love, your gracious sharing and grateful hearts. We need you today!

Thanks for reading. Part Two will be posted later this week!