What Are You Waiting On To Let YOUR Light Shine?

Part Two No longer can I front or keep my spiritual talents on the down low. I am a powerful spiritual healer though I know not how that will  manifest.  I also am a natural intuit which has been increased even more this year. I have an creased ability to hear, smell and see what others do not yet perceive.  Physical, emotional and spiritual healings are available to ALL now as never before; for all who are open to believe and receive these blessings.

We all need to focus on releasing/increasing our own spiritual qualities so they can flourish. This is the time we have come here to BE HERE FOR.  No more shrinking- no more "seeking". It is time to BE that which we already ARE!

We need to be clear - Open, joyous vessels of all that is. We need to shine so bright the dark ones cannot and will not be able to see us. We need to sharpen our own discernment and use it in every relationship: personal, professional and familial.

We need to be in place to help all who will need us. We need to be strong, viable and open in our hearts, minds, and souls. Energy is flowing freely now to be accessed for self healing first.  Then, use that energy to heal and assist others.

We have worked hard and long, centuries even to be here right now. This is not the time to shirk our duties, or squander our talents. All the answers are here for you Right NOW. The time is now and the heavens have lined up to assist, protect and guide in all ways. Our God and Angels are here, right now for us. Now, what are YOU waiting for?  It is time to get to WORK!

Thank you God, Thank you my angels and guides for your love, light, guidance and protection.

Appreciate you taking time to read.

Be blessed, much love to you and yours.