We've Got Strength, We've Got Pride, God IS On Our Side!

Heard this song this morning on WHUR." Rolling Down A Mountainside" is one of my all time favorites. This morning was feeling a little funky. Not really wanting to talk to anyone, get on the computer or even get out of bed. Just dragging.  Heard this song and remembered how much joy is still in my spirit! So, as the song says “God IS on our side!” the question is – are you on your own side? Do you take your needs seriously?  Do you know  what brings you joy? Real joy, inner joy not based on material things or people. Do you really know?

If you don’t know, maybe it is time for you to ask yourself that question. Personally, I love watching the sunset (or rise)on the ocean, taking walks and listening to music.  Whatever YOU do that lifts your spirit, that makes your heart sing are the things you need to cultivate MORE of in your life.

Singing and dancing while doing housework, smiling at people while you are out and about. These things bring joy, to you and to others.

Take a few minutes today and evaluate your needs. Wants are a different story. You can have all your wants taken care of and still not be happy or joyous.  I prefer joy, all the day long!

Take care- Be blessed and please pass those blessings on to others!

Rolling Down A Mountainside!