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Good News - Messages From Matthew

September 23, 2014 Messages From Matthew (yahoo group) by: Suzanne Ward Spread the Good News! This message from Matthew resonates so strongly with me because I recently began a newsletter titled Good News Wednesday! Though this message is very long, if indeed you are reading this, this is information Your Soul needs to know. Please follow the link at the end of the reading for the completed message. I am sure you will feel refreshed, invigorated and ready to do you part to bring this new world into reality. I thank you so much for being here today. May God continue to bring you the information you seek! With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. In addressing readers’ most recent questions, we cite one that is the essence of all: Was Scotland’s rejection of independence a setback for world progress? We don’t see it that way. We see as progress that there was an election, that the citizens of Scotland could, and did, peaceably make their case for sovereignty. Although the outcome disappointed forward-looking Scots, their forceful call for independence made clear to the government of Britain that there must be changes in their relationship not only with the people of Scotland, but also of Wales and Ireland. good news For the moment it remains to be seen how quickly the proposed changes will come about and to what extent they will satisfy the citizens of those countries. In the longer term, governmentally-imposed regulations, restrictions, penalties and tax levies will cease everywhere. All of Earth’s peoples will know their divinity in the Oneness of All, their innate knowledge and powers as multidimensional beings, and everyone will respect the sanctity of everything within Creation. We have been asked time and again why some off-planet sources give a timeframe for the occurrence of one thing or another and we do not. First, we urge you to be very discerning about channeled information, particularly announcements of NESARA or sudden wealth. And be aware that some information that purportedly is channeled actually is written and disseminated by individuals to intentionally misinform, discourage or frighten readers. Now then, one reason we aren’t comfortable giving a time is the difficulty of putting into your linear construct something that exists in the continuum. We shall come back to that, but first we want to speak about our other reason because it is by far the more important. Your expectation of a specific happening sends forth positive energy that is tied to a certain time; if nothing significant is evident then, the energy turns into disillusionment, discouragement or even anger, and that vibratory downturn further delays the projected happening. That said, we happily tell you that the decade of delay in your society’s advancement will end in your year 2017, a most propitious timeframe indeed with a celestial window similar to the one during the December 2012 solstice that eased Earth into fourth density. Your concept of time actually is energy in motion, and since Earth’s ascension route is into successively higher, or lighter, energy planes, the few interim years will pass with increasing speed. And, ever-heightening vibrations along the way will enable expanding realization of soul-level knowingness and powers of manifestation that you will heartily welcome. Please continue reading on the Messages from Matthew yahoo group site. Thank you for reading good news! LOVE and PEACE Suzanne Ward

Angel Messages - The Good News Continues

As stated on Thursday's post "Good News, Bad News and Faith" the message I shared appears to have been heard by many others. This week, my Angel Card of the week was "Watch YOUR Thoughts" again, a request from on high to pay attention to What you pay attention to. Angel Messages abound when you pay attention! I am adding this message from Ann Albers, with permission of course! Reproduced with permission “©Ann Albers, delivering angel messages MESSAGE FROM THE ANGELS ________________________________________ My dear friends, we love you so very much, At times the world may seem overwhelming to you. You look out and see pain and suffering, wars and violence. However from the heavens, we see light attempting to emerge, even in the most hardened of human hearts. So many want their perspective to be acknowledged. So many want others to understand their pain. And whether they acknowledge it or not, everyone, every single solitary soul on this planet longs to reconnect with the goodness and the light inside. That is why you incarnated to begin with. So when you see the wars and the acts of violence upon your earth, instead of falling into sadness and despair, remember, that you can do something about if - if not on a physical plane, certainly in the realms of energy where all thoughts and feeling originate. You can say to yourself, "You know what... this is not my war. This is not my lesson. This is not the game in which I choose to play. I will pray for all involved. If I am called to do so, I'll help in a tangible way, but if not, I will choose to contribute to the truth, the peace, the harmony, and beauty in life. I choose peace in my own heart, mind, life, and community." Then, dear ones, choose peace. Choose not to be at war with yourselves. Be kind to your bodies. When you catch yourself in the act of self criticism, embrace yourself instead. Stop the violence within. Choose to avoid the dramas and arguments with others. If their perspectives do not match yours or how you choose to live your life, make changes. Walk away. Start the process of creating a new job, or a life transition. Better to walk away in peace than stay in a situation at war. Be the peacemakers - the ones who choose to send love and prayers even for those whose actions are so dark you cannot imagine they have any light within. Send love to those in your lives who hurt you for they too are in need of upliftment. And send love to those parts of yourselves that you would wish to annihilate too for even they need love to be transformed. Listen to one another's perspectives even if you do not agree, for every thought, every feeling, every desire has its place upon the planet earth, whether or not that place is in "your space" or not. God bless you dear ones. It is both a challenging and an exciting time to be upon the earth. Beautiful new light is emerging, but as always, it will stir up those lost in misunderstanding until they too can embrace a higher and more beautiful reality. You can live and abide in that heaven right here, and right now. God Bless You! We love you so very much. -- The Angels Please Read Ann's response on Visions from Heaven! Thanks for reading another Angel Message for you!

Good News, Bad News and Faith

I could have called the post Gloom, Doom and the Main Stream Media. However, I decided to change the title to Good News, Bad News and Faith. We are being bombarded with how WRONG the world is. Instead, I ask that you step back, reflect and acknowledge all the Good there is, right now in your community and our world. Good News is here! The last month or so has been brutal, energetically. It feels as if all the negative happenings in the world are being force feed to us by the main stream media. Please do not feed the negativity by giving in to despair, anger (although justifiable) or apathy. There is something you can do and that something is to have Faith that all is not what it appears to be and look for the Good everywhere and within everyone. There are so many people with good hearts doing amazing things Now, very few of which are ever reported on a daily basis. Our local Channel 2 News has made a point to include a good news story every day. Most days it is local, but when it is not local, they STILL include a great story to let us know how much GOOD News there is in the world. Now is not the time to give up. Now is the time to buckle down, share your light, your love and your wisdom with our world. We need you to be enlightened, to remain uplifted and to show others that Good, Love and Light not only still exist but are expanding. I will share just two stories I have received in the last month or so. Lemon Aid was a fund raiser given by a groom who decided he and his bride would not be getting married. Instead of feeling sorry for himself, he rationalized since the reception was paid for, he would sell tickets to assist a local charity called Surgicorps (which incidentally assist children around the world). It sold OUT! In India, a 15 year old girl responsible for helping her family designed a washing machine that requires no electricity. This budding engineer build the machine with the back part of a bicycle, a water tight container and a lot of ingenuity. Now, her younger siblings can wash the clothes while she attends to other chores. They take turns peddling the “bike” to agitate the clothes during the wash and rinse cycles. I subscribe to an ezine called The Daily Good. Book mark it to read when you are feeling despair or depressed. Need I say more? Please share this Good News with others. You never know when well timed phone call, text or email will and can lift the spirits of another. BE Encouraged, Be Blessed and Spread the Good News! Namaste