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The Downhill Slide-How To Stop The Fall

Hello! Just wanted to share some bad to worse I experienced in just the last few days.  I talked about my trip to Harlem the weekend of the 23rd of July. Great trip. Knew I had my bank card, but could not find it. Feeling it would be a "safe" move, I contacted my bank to request a new card.  So, the last week of the month I had no bank card. No running to the ATM, just dealing with cash on hand.

So far, all is good. Saturday, I received my NEW bank card. Could feel it in the envelope. So, I just put it on my desk and opened it later that evening. Now, mind you, there is an order I have been WAITING to place. I ran out of coconut oil (I use for cooking and will use in my next batch of body butters) and also some great soap by Nubian Heritage. Waiting, waiting to place order.

Activated my card, updated my card info online and attempted to place the order. Card was rejecting. I had JUST activated so I knew it should have been good. Waiting about an hour and tried AGAIN and AGAIN it was rejected!

Great- something is wrong with the NEW card. After thinking for a while, I remembered I have a business account (duh), so could use my business card.

Went to the bank to deposit the funds to use- not only did the bank NOT take my deposit, the ATM TOOK my bank card! By this time I had steam coming out of the top of my head. Literally- I was heated!

So, now I get to wait until Monday morning, get up at 8am and call to find out WHAT IS GOING ON.

Calmed down, watched my Sunday shows went to bed and got up 8am to call business checking. Well, they could not tell me why the card had been snatched. He did transfer the funds from my personal to my business account (should have been a tip off, but I missed it), gave me the number to contact the branch to find out about getting my card back. Now I get to wait until 9am!

Called the branch, after I was put on hold, I was told that my account had been "hot flagged" ALL accounts in my name were not accessible by bank card! WTF?  She advised my accounts were in good standing, to call customer service and find out what was going on.

So, I called customer service (stay with me here, there is a point I assure you)!  The wonderful csr (3rd one that day) informed me that my cards were listed as stolen/lost and all accounts cross referenced. She also advised me both cards had been ordered to be replaced on 7/31/11. That made no sense to me at all. I did not report anything, and the report I made was the prior week. She also said that is why the NEW card did not work.

Hmmm, something odd here indeed. So, since I had to wait for a business check to arrive anyway, I planned on going to the bank (like for real) on Tuesday morning. And another week with NO ATM CARD!

In spite of all this, I woke up in a fantastic, almost delirious mood on Monday. I was so happy, I walked around singing and really, really enjoying the beauty of the day.  Same thing today.  So, so HAPPY! This is what I call a "Bermudaful Day"!

So, change your mind, change the way YOU feel. It might not CHANGE all the things that are wrong, but... You will feel better and be able to release the negativity with grace and ease.

Be Blessed,