Good News, Bad News and Faith

I could have called the post Gloom, Doom and the Main Stream Media. However, I decided to change the title to Good News, Bad News and Faith. We are being bombarded with how WRONG the world is. Instead, I ask that you step back, reflect and acknowledge all the Good there is, right now in your community and our world. Good News is here! The last month or so has been brutal, energetically. It feels as if all the negative happenings in the world are being force feed to us by the main stream media. Please do not feed the negativity by giving in to despair, anger (although justifiable) or apathy. There is something you can do and that something is to have Faith that all is not what it appears to be and look for the Good everywhere and within everyone. There are so many people with good hearts doing amazing things Now, very few of which are ever reported on a daily basis. Our local Channel 2 News has made a point to include a good news story every day. Most days it is local, but when it is not local, they STILL include a great story to let us know how much GOOD News there is in the world. Now is not the time to give up. Now is the time to buckle down, share your light, your love and your wisdom with our world. We need you to be enlightened, to remain uplifted and to show others that Good, Love and Light not only still exist but are expanding. I will share just two stories I have received in the last month or so. Lemon Aid was a fund raiser given by a groom who decided he and his bride would not be getting married. Instead of feeling sorry for himself, he rationalized since the reception was paid for, he would sell tickets to assist a local charity called Surgicorps (which incidentally assist children around the world). It sold OUT! In India, a 15 year old girl responsible for helping her family designed a washing machine that requires no electricity. This budding engineer build the machine with the back part of a bicycle, a water tight container and a lot of ingenuity. Now, her younger siblings can wash the clothes while she attends to other chores. They take turns peddling the “bike” to agitate the clothes during the wash and rinse cycles. I subscribe to an ezine called The Daily Good. Book mark it to read when you are feeling despair or depressed. Need I say more? Please share this Good News with others. You never know when well timed phone call, text or email will and can lift the spirits of another. BE Encouraged, Be Blessed and Spread the Good News! Namaste

Faith is Today's Daily Word

Monday, April 28, 2014 Faith My faith is strong and my life successful. Daily Word Faith is the perceiving power of mind coupled with the power to shape substance. It is knowing that what I seek is already mine in Spirit. Through the power of faith and the energy of God, I cocreate experiences of health, abundance, and joy. Faith is like the steel used to reinforce and strengthen concrete. Steel provides a strong foundation on which to build a desired structure. Likewise, faith provides a stable foundation for creating the life I want to live. I allow faith to permeate my mind, filling me with the assurance of God’s good. Day by day, as I live in faith, it grows stronger and my life unfolds with ease and grace. Who is a rock besides our God? The God who girded me with strength, and made my way safe.—Psalm 18:31-32 Google

Faith is Today's Daily Word

Faith My faith rests in God within. Daily Word Faith is not based on statistics or facts or what I perceive through my senses. Faith is “the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” It comes from confidence in the presence and power of God within. If I have succumbed to fear or worry, I consider the teachings of Jesus: “Have faith in God.” As I align my thoughts in accordance with this simple yet powerful teaching, my attitude shifts. I am uplifted, confident, and assured. I choose to place my trust in God—in Divine Love and Wisdom. In any situation, I focus on what I know to be true and unwavering—the presence of God—and I am assured that all is well. faith Jesus answered them, “Have faith in God.”–Mark 11:22 In spite of a truly challenging week, there has been as much joy as there has been pain. I AM Still standing, still joyous and full of gratitude, this message today encapsulates the definition of Walking By Faith. I am so grateful for all the blessings shared this week. Thanks for reading! Angel Blessings! ATTRIBUTE: Please check: Thank you Flicker for use of this image! HH Logo Header - Design

Pick YOUR Battles Wisely!

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”~Charles Darwin

"Hard work spotlights the character of people: some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, and some don't turn up at all." ~Sam Ewig


There are still things worth fighting for. The trick is to determine what, exactly those things should be. Your family and loved ones, of course – a job, never. Your child- ALWAYS- a lover or husband at the expense of your child or family- NEVER! Pick and choose your battles and choose them wisely. No one who is worth anything will make you choose between your family and them. No JOB that is worth keeping will make you choose between your life and creating profits for that company. I mean, that is what a job function is. Your labor, your intelligence, your creativity is used to make other people rich. While they may pay you a good salary, trust and believe it is, nor will it ever be what you are truly worth. Not in this lifetime with the game rigged against each and every one of us. There are some jobs that are really not about the money- public service folks (think teachers, fireman, police) many of them are not in it for the money, they are trying to make our part of the world a better place. THEY should be rewarded with MORE money, not less!

So, work for what you need, not what you want. Your wants are you ego in action. What are your needs- NEEDS are defined as the things you must have. My needs include indoor plumbing, HEAT, books, music, food and water, and a secure roof over my head. My needs also include being in touch with God, my angels and guides, and being able to get answers to my questions.  I ask a LOT of questions!

Living in joy is how I wish to live my life. My choice is to be happy, in spite of what I can or cannot SEE.  I Believe that no matter how dire the situation, I will have my needs met. I have no choice but to have FAITH.  It is how I have decided I will live my life.  How have you decided to live yours?

Thanks for reading!


FAITH- For we Walk by Faith, NOT By Sight!

"Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step."~Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

"It's not that some people have willpower and some don't. It's that some people are ready to change and others are not." ~- James Gordon, M.D.


Guess you will tire of hearing me say, this is one of my FAVORITE bible verses. Love, love, love it! I was 12 when Dr. King was murdered. Did not know a lot about him.  I lived in Bermuda for the years 1963-1968. Missed a lot going on here in the USA.  However, as I got older, I felt that Dr. King was not radical enough. How could I gain respect and create change without FIGHTING those people who felt I was beneath them – just because of the color of my skin?

Me, I have always been a radical. Never felt that negations with those who do not understand compromise is worthy of my time. So, yeah, I have mellowed quite a bit.

Now, I feel that those who STILL HATE OTHERS because of the color of their skin LOSE! They lose the game we are living. THEY Lose because they have chosen to be ignorant, they have willfully chosen HATE over LOVE. THEY LOSE- and I have yet to come far enough in my spiritual journey to feel any pity for them, or have the ability to send them the love their souls sorely need.  I can pray for them- pray that others are not as hard headed as I am, that there are others who WILL forgive them their ignorance.  I pray that within this lifetime I too, can be one of those people.

Thanks for reading!


How Do You Define Faith?

Hello, So much to share so little TIME! Got the Daily Word- Had to share. It contained one of my all time favorite Bible verses "NOW FAITH, is the assurance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen"  Hebrews 11:1

Also, using just the numbers, 111 as defined by Angel Numbers (by Doreen Virtue) asks that when you see 111 or 1111 you are being reminded to remain positive- to LIVE IN YOUR FAITH! You can look numbers up yourself by googling "Angel Numbers _ _ _ _ " It will bring you to a page by Doreen Virtue.

It is a great reminder. I see these numbers daily. I will remember my favorite bible verse when I see them again!

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Today's Daily Word 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I respond to life's circumstances according to my faith.

Every circumstance is temporary. If I am struggling, I respond to the  challenge according to my faith. I turn within for direction and gently release thoughts of lack, limitation or unworthiness. Gratefully I acknowledge that in every moment I am divinely supported.

I am a powerful co-creator. In prayer, I connect with the Christ within, knowing that I am being guided toward my highest expression. I have faith that on this journey of becoming the best me I can be, all things are possible. I listen to the wisdom within and know that according to my faith, I make choices that are right for me. I have faith that all is well as I live, move and have my being enfolded in God's goodness.

NOW FAITH, is the assurance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen.--Hebrews 11:1

June will be a month of quotes!

Hello, Welcome back. June I am dedicating to quotes. Not to say that I won't use quotes any other time, just got some gems stocked up begging to be shared. I will also throw in a timely Daily Word as well.

Many of this quotes I love and they hit a spot in my heart. Feel free to share your favorite quotes with us! Thanks to Ms. Fran Levitt-Higgins for her daily quotes (she did the work, I just copy and share)!

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma-which is living with the result of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary."~Steve Jobs

Apple has always been recognized as having the best computers, for as long as I can remember.  Innovation is the word I think of when I hear Apple- the next thought is so, what new thing do they have for us now?

Anyway, the message Steve Jobs gives is oh so true.  Time is moving faster and faster.  Some days I feel I am the hamster on the wheel!  So while our earth time is limited, we are NOT.  Dogma is a most dangerous beast, best left alone in a cage with nothing to feed it.  Dogma is living your life based on someone else’s version of truth.  Trust that you KNOW your own version of truth and then LIVE THAT TRUTH with honor, conviction and joy.

Be true to you.  There may be things you don’t wish to share, then don’t share them. There may be people you no longer wish to associate yourself with. Cut them lose, but in a way that causes no harm or distress. However, do not let these things or people hold you hostage.

Free yourself in your own mind and pay attention to all the messages you receive.  Multiple messages, maybe you are NOT paying attention.

This IS the time to BE AWARE!  Free yourself from what YOU think is possible and dream that impossibly beautiful life for you.   All dreams are possible, doable and winnable. You just have to believe and have faith. In both God AND Yourself!

Grow On.  Thanks for reading



Be Strong, Be Powerful, Be Positive, Be FaithFull!

Short and sweet today! Daily Word

Tuesday, April 05, 2011


I am strong, positive and powerful.

Every person has a purpose. I may discover mine when I am troubled by a situation and feel called to be part of the solution. The path may not be perfectly clear; I may not know what action to take. Nevertheless, I begin right where I am. I trust my inner wisdom to show me the way.

Rather than worry about making a mistake, I pray and take one small step. I trust that God will place a lamp before my feet, guiding me as I go.

As I give of myself in sacred service, everything I need is provided. I joyfully do what is mine to do. My faith grows even deeper as I give from my abundance. As I step out in faith, I am strong, positive and powerful.

You see that faith was active along with his works.--James 2:22

Thanks for your time!