Success is Determined by Attitude, Aptitude and the Willingness to Fail

Hello! "I'd rather be a failure at something I love than a success at something I hate." ~ George Burns (WORD!!!) (thanks Frannie- the WORD was hers)

So few people realize that working a job you hate does not serve you, your family or the world.  Your children learn to dislike work as a place their parents go to be “unhappy.”  Your body stores that repressed anger in your cells where it can wreck havoc within. Your soul dies a little every day you interact with situations and people that don’t support, acknowledge or feed your spirit.

Success is how YOU define it. You could consider success as having freedom of time. Or freedom to pursue your interests and passions. Money should never be a factor in determining what YOUR success is. And really, having money does not make you happy. YOU make and keep yourself in-joy. Just YOU! Of course you get help from God and your angels, but YOU have to decide that no matter what, you will be happy. You will stay in-joy. YOU will enjoy the gift of your life. NO one else can do this for you.

You deserve better, you deserve MORE!  Today, THINK about what else you can do, what skills YOU have to offer the world. What makes you happy, what could you do for hours on end without complaint? And no, sleep does not count, and neither does Facebook!

The world awaits your revelation. Work on what you want to do. Do what you NEED to in your spare time instead of watching TV or another recreational sport.  Utilize all the time you have to move yourself into a better space for you and yours.

What you find will be another needed peace (not misspelled) of the puzzle. We all have a piece to add- what is yours? And what are you waiting for to not only find it, but to share it with the world?

We need you now!

Thanks for reading.